Hey Berton

When I first got my computer I tried to pair and use my Bose headphones. They simply wouldn't work. I tried everything, even contacted Bose themselves. Everything they tried failed also. I contacted the business that refurbished it, and they told me that because of some Windows update, Bluetooth was not installed. I was instructed to buy a dongle. I did so. It worked just fine up until a couple of days ago when I connected my PS3 controller to my PC. I used my charge cable for the controller because I had to, to make it work. I followed the instructions in the youtube video posted at the beginning of this thread. Could following the instructions given on the video cause this? I had to download the drivers required for the controller to work. Could they be infected, even though I have strong protection? I'm just hoping to rule that out as a possibility is all. :)

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P.S. My warranty expired in October 7, 2019