Hi guys,
After 5 days of tooting my horn about how flawlessly Windows 10 was, and how beautiful the game playing experience was, I had my 1st issue. My audio started crackling, and then failed all together. I uninstalled and reinstalled my Creative drivers, my control panel for my X-fi wasn't recognized, and, although my headphones worked, my speakers didn't.
I shut it down, turned off the PS, and let it sit over night. I went and swore and swore, and swore some more at my wife.
I was going to come and revert back to Windows 7, but when I turned on my PC, I had audio. I gamed, and it works. So, If you have issues with your PC, turn it off, and let it set, call my wife and swear it her, I swear it works....... hahaha, no, but, seriously, try turning it off, if it only goes to standby, unplug it, and let it set for a few minutes, and see if that helps. It worked for me. Driver updates will come...... for most. Until then, there maybe a lot of cold re-boots instore for us.