Recently I have had issues with random lag spikes in PC.
Sometimes it runs fine some times not. Never figured out why.
Have been adding USB HDDs to PC lately and thought that may of been a cause. Tried unplugging and reconfiguring (moving to differnt slots) Also have 3 hubs. (still thinking this may be a cause somewhere)
All my external HDDs are running hot (posted about it on a previous thread).

When rebooting PC after a graphic update or just any restart to clear out things, it lags terrible. 15+minutes to get to bios screen. Last night I left it on boot bios screen (asus Screen) and it never started past that.
Asus loves to not tell you what is going on in background.
Hard reset and it finally faults out and says do some settings in UEFI. But everything in bios checks out.

All of my main hardware is less than 6 months old.
Right now I am looking at possibly something with USB and motherboard.

Do not know if anyone has some other ideas on what to check ?

Asus Prime x570 p
AMD 3900x
Corsair MP600

- - - Updated - - -

I unplugged all USB for troubeshooting and it booted right up.
Looking at USB hubs and connections to figure out if that is the issue.