My office has several Win10 workstations all connected to a Server 2012 R2 domain controller server machine. Everyone in the office logs into their machine as a domain "user". I'm running into issues with a large format printer connected to the server machine and shared on the network. When I tried to install that printer on a machine for a new user (pointing to \\server\printer and having it automatically install the driver), it appears to be installing an outdated driver. And now I can't seem to figure out how to get the updated driver installed.

This same machine was previously used by a previous employee, who logged into the server as a domain user the same way. The same printer was installed, but it had the updated driver installed under his user name a couple of years ago. I've heard that a certain Win10 update made it much more difficult for users to update drivers.

I can't seem to figure out how to open the device list "as administrator" to get update driver options. If I open Device Manager as administrator, it gives me the devices installed under the machine's local admin account, which does NOT include that network printer, so there's nothing there for me to update.

It used to be so easy, not it seems substantially more difficult. Any ideas?

This is Win10 version 1909.