Web cam not working

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    win 7 pro updated to win 10 pro 64bit

    Web cam not working

    When I Start - Camera

    A black camera screen appears but flashes between (it goes off too quickly to read the full error codes)

    "NoCameraaresareattached" -



    I have checked for updated drivers.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Makes no difference.

    What next?

    Win10 pro Asus laptop core i5 Windows 1909 18363.900
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 21H1

    While I don't have an answer maybe this will help get to an answer.

    Are you on the latest BIOS?

    In device manager are any device showing an error or can't be identified.

    Start Camera noting time. After it fails head to the Event Viewer and find the event. Not sure which log it will be in, check all.

    Hopefully the error message provides more detail.

    Which Asus model number?

    Are you running any Asus software to "Help" control the system. I was working on a Lenovo and the communication manager had grabbed the camera, zoom wouldn't work, got error another app was using camera. Uninstalled unnecessary Lenovo "Helping" program and camera immediately worked.

    Maybe try camera with a clean boot to see if a third party app is interfering.

    Perform a Clean Boot in Windows 10 to Troubleshoot Software Conflicts

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    win 7 pro updated to win 10 pro 64bit
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    Thanks for all that. Have no idea which BIOS is installed or how to upgrade it. This was a Win7 laptop given the free "upgrade to Win10" been nothing but trouble ever since. Asus PU55ILA 4gb ram core i5 processor. It seems like every update brings a new problem, from BSOD to touchpad operation corrupted, microphone refused to work, sound comes and goes. Need I go on? it's been a disaster.

    Daft as it seems I found a VERY simple solution. Push the camera into its housing. It was not loose at all but a little force and it worked again! The camera is directly under the lid release button and it looks like poor engineering by Asus.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 21H1


    I have an Asus, newer, delivered with Windows 8.

    If I'm hearing you right it is likely that this OS in its different incarcerations has been with you for at least seven years. If it were me I would do a clean install. Yes I know it's work but so is living through a nightmare of updates.

    First I would see what BIOS you are running and what is available. Click start, type System and an app call System Information should appear. Here, on the right hand side when it opens, you can see BIOS version. Mine is

    Web cam not working-image.png

    Then go to Asus.com and look up your laptop under support and within drivers there should be a heading for BIOS. You can compare.

    You can also see how many different version you are behind.

    Once you decide IF you are going to update then you can decide on a clean install.

    Asus usually makes quality stuff and I would think with a sound software base you would have a lot less issues going forward.

    You might even consider bumping memory and swapping in an SSD. Bet it would feel like a new machine.

    Could be way more than you want to do but I would still consider the clean install. If interested pretty sure lots of us would be happy to help.
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    win 7 pro updated to win 10 pro 64bit
    Thread Starter

    I am not too tech savvy. What does a clean re-install involve? This Asus was bought with Win 7 pre-installed. Then I took the offer of a free upgrade to Win 10 which was all done via downloads from Microsoft, with regular (and sometime dire! updates).

    I have no original Windows disks. So no idea where I would start. Also, yes my BIOS is an old version, again no idea how to upgrade that, currently -

    SMBIOS Version 2.7BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. PU551LA.203, 23/04/2014

    So if I go for it I would need blow by blow instructions.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    I have the same problem with Windows Camera app on Inspiron 1545. It's either "your camera us used by another app" or "can't start the camera". Even clean flash couldn't fix the problem, driver reinstall too - both microsoft provided one and oem one.
    Go to Asus support page and type your model and then check if there is a camera software provided by Asus. Download it and check if camera is working - this fixed the issue (atleast I can use the camera).
    Good luck, zaqm
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    win 7 pro updated to win 10 pro 64bit
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    I have fixed the problem. IT is a physical thing. The camera is not very well seated in the lid. Gave it a good push and hey presto the camera with image it sees is showing. Hope this helps. IT's a poor location right under the lid release mechanism.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 21H1

    Thanks for the info.

    Looks like Asus released a BIOS update last June which is usually for such an old laptop. I must check again and see if my Asus got one.

    So you are several behind, 204, 207, 208 and 210 ( released June 2019 ) assuming I found the right laptop.

    There is a risk in updating a BIOS, what they call bricking a machine. Bricking means turning laptop into a brick. Myself I would update being so many behind but maybe this is something you don't want to get involved with. I've never Bricked a machine but it has to be discussed so people understand.

    The process is outlined in your manual. The short of it, download BIOS, place on USB key, boot into bios, start BIOS update process, be patient, load defaults (hit an f key) boot.

    We have a clean install tutorial that you can read. Windows 10 you download from Microsoft, its free. Only thing is the current version is V2004 and I don't recommend that so this may have to wait a few weeks.

    A clean install takes some preparation. Overall the process looks like this.

    First step you copy out all your personal data. You ensure you have license keys for all purchased software and have disks in hand for re-installing software. If no Disks then you know where you can download software. I usually do an audit of everything I have installed so I can re-install.

    Identify where your favorites or bookmarks are stored so they can be reloaded. With most modern browsers if you sign into browser they will be kept in cloud and will return when you sign in again. You just check that you are signing in and that you have synced them to cloud.

    Any software where you've applied customizations you either note these customization or you learn how to back them up and get them off machine.

    You then boot from the software you down loaded from MS and install the OS (this is all outlined in tutorial). Once OS is running you re-install your software. I usually start with my browsers, then productivity tools, email and slowly but surely add in all the other apps.

    Once done I "Image" (make a backup) so I can use it to restore my machine to a clean state without doing another clean install.

    MS has made this process easier by allowing you to "Reset Windows 10". Comes in two flavours, keep data or keep nothing. Still have to go through the whole software audit, keys and re-install. Same with browsers. We have tutorial for that as well.


    Clean Install Windows 10

    Reset Windows 10

    Reset Windows 10

    I know when you read tutorials they look daunting. Brink always writes a lot of detail in to keep people on track.

    Have a look and have a look at your system. Some people over the years have loaded dozens and dozens of apps. Starting from square one feels like an obstacle they can't over come. Others have a much simpler system, couple of browsers, a productivity suite and three or four essential programs.

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    win 7 pro updated to win 10 pro 64bit
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Ken. BIOS frightens me! clean re-install looks fairly straightforward with the 3 powerup process I read about. That leaves all programs and files alone.

    I'll have a think. Might end buying a smaller new laptop with SSD and let this Asus monster be a back up.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 21H1

    There is no process to clean or reset Windows that leaves programs alone.

    Would you say your installation is complex (many many apps) or straight forward. Email apps can require investigation, email through a browser is no change.

    Your Asus likely has a hatch on bottom side where HDD lives. Bet there is a youtube video showing "how to".

    Please ask all the questions you want, someone here will answer.
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