Hi folks

I bought 2 re-furbished Bose mini Soundlink II speakers for 12 EUR (6 EUR each plus 20 EUR total tax / shipping from Germany to Iceland).

Ordered on Sunday -- arrived today - tested and all working as they should.

Brilliant -- I got one Black one and one silver one -- these mini speakers are first class --blue tooth as well as Aux in

OK risky with "refurbished" stuff but what's 32 EUR !!! (35 USD) for speakers still retailing at around 200 USD each !!

These days it's worth trawling some sites for this stuff.

Check some online deals around now -- speakers particularly-screenshot_20200619_182602.png

Check some online deals around now -- speakers particularly-screenshot_20200619_182703.png

Brilliant for around 32 EUR !!! --I've now got 3 of these.

Don't always decry "Re-furbished" products sometimes these can be excellent value for money --also if they don't work and you pay by Credit Card you will get your money back (in most jurisdictions with modern Consumer Protection Laws --if re-seller doesn't refund then Credit Card company / Bank has to --note Not for debit cards BTW).