Hi there,

I have a Kingston USB 3.0 stick of 16 GB. It's fairly new. It was working fine since i got it but now is just stopped working and I was wondering if there is any way I could save it.

When I insert it into a PC it makes the usual "device connected" sound but the stick doesn't show up anywhere (Device Manager, This PC, diskpart, Disk Management), and after approximately 60 seconds the PC make the "device disconnected" sound, and on Windows 10 i get this error message:

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It's NOT a problem with my PC as this happens on every PC I tested it on. Other devices, like my DVR, Cable STB, SmartTV, etc don't recognize that it is inserted at all.

It worked on all above mentioned devices before.

I hope it isn't irreparable, although it didn't contain any important data.