I am working it with Arduino microcontrollers connecting them via ports com3 or com4.
I had a random problem where half of the time communication did not work. I was receiving semaphore time out problems.
The problem was usually going away after the series of restarts. I was trying to find a permament fix. I thought there is something wrong with COM3 and COM4 settings. I tried to delet and install them anew and now I don't see them anymore. And have no clue how to fix it.
In Control Panel automatic scan for new hardware is not detecting them.
I am including two screenshots to describe my dilema.
I managed to somehow enable the communication to work on COM4 last night.
Now as you can see I see no COM3 COM4 in Control Panel but when I list the list of ports it shows COM4 as Busy.

Any help would be greatly appreciatedProblems with Phisical Serial Ports Com3 Com4-com_1.pngProblems with Phisical Serial Ports Com3 Com4-com.png