I have a Dell Optiplex 7020 that I just recently purchased. The system is set up for EUFI as boot. I had contacted the seller because in a normal boot sequence, an option to boot from CD or USB did not appear. I had been using the optical drive to install programs that I had so the drive itself was working but did not appear as an option to boot from in going through the bios. I changed the secure boot option to disabled according to the support page from Dell. In going to the boot sequence function on a restart by pressing F12, choices of Legacy: SSD, Optical drive, USB, network; EUFI: Windows Manager.
When I initially started looking into this, the boot options were only (EUFI) Windows Manager and two network options.
In the process of going through all of this, yesterday, the CD/DVD suddenly decided to disappear from Windows File Explorer. It is still shown in Device Manager and that it is functioning properly. I uninstalled it to see if Windows would find it on reboot but it didn't. In reading one of your threads I noticed someone asked about disk manager which I looked at this morning and the optical drive is missing from there also but still in Device Manger.
So obviously any help in getting the optical drive back into Windows Explorer would be appreciated. More questions after that but that is the main issue at this point.

- - - Updated - - -

I think I have resolved this at least for the time being. In researching issue, I came across info that had me do an edit in the registry editor. And that has at least for now, fixed the drive not showing in Windows Explorer. Thanks to all who took a look.