I'm posting this on behalf of a friend, who has an Asus all in one PC running Windows 10, and a few weeks ago has started having two mouse arrows on screen, one is fixed at the bottom of the screen on the taskbar, right in the middle, in a sort of bubble, nothing I do can make it move or disappear. The other mouse arrow that's actually being controlled by the mouse is constantly flickering when its moved, which makes it very hard to click on anything as you can hardly see where the arrow is, if its hovering over anything like a link both arrows will change to a cursor, the same if the computer is busy and you get the blue circle, both arrows will change to that. Also the touchscreen doesn't work, not sure if the two problems are linked, I tried to calibrate the touchscreen but wouldn't respond to me touching the screen at all. At first I thought something might be slowing the PC down but can't see anything obvious in Task Manager. Any help would be appreciated.