Mouse Cursor Lags  

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    Windows 10 (v10.0.19043.2251)

    Mouse Cursor Lags

    I have a Logitech M590 USB mouse, and I have a lagging mouse cursor, because of the 5.8GHz network installation that I did.

    I need a help with this situation.
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    Its ok with the installation of the Bluetooth setup. Look like your lappy only supports single band still at 2.4. I hate the way they mention the specifications, Wireless and Bluetooth, theyre both Bluetooth. 2.4ghz is Bluetooth.

    Anyways i would say firstly goto the Control Panel and to the Mouse settings.
    Best setup on small screen like that is to adjust the actual mouse's built in DPi settings so it is as slow as possible, and then change the Windows mouse speed to around 80-90% on the slider with a tick in the enhance pointer precision.

    Control Panel again and now into the 'Ease of Access Center' I always remove any background images from loading and stop uneeded animations from loading, by choosing 'Make the computer easier to see' scroll to bottom.
    Same menu but 2 down to the 'Make mouse easier to use' A couple of options in here you can try.
    Final setting for mouse is the Power management for the HID driver. Head on to the 'Device Manager' and select the HID Mouse, right click to Power Management and take tick out of the Wake on setting.

    The main problem i think is your monitor driver. I noticed the 'Generic PNP Monitor'. This is the wrong driver and needs to be removed asap. Right click desktop to change 'screen resolutuion' if you can. Look in the Advanced Settings, you will see two drivers. 'Microsoft Basic display adapter' and 'Generic PNP'. Dump the Generic PNP in the waste to landfill bin as its corrupt and runs at 64hz. Meaning its out of sync to the standard 60hz refresh rate for most games, Vsync and frame capping especially.

    So we now need to get the correct Acer VGA driver from their site. Acer

    Its no good expecting Windows 10 plus system updates do the right thing and leave a users machine private, oh no. It has to bully its way onto the system firmware and create havoc.

    Good luck with all that lot bud. Should be perfect after a little patience
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    Windows 10 (v10.0.19043.2251)
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    I only have one monitor, and it is Generic PnP Monitor.

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    Ahh shit, thats gone too far. Let me have a mash up of some history and I will be on your tail.
    Speak then
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    Windows 10 (v10.0.19043.2251)
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    First, my Generic PnP Monitor points to Intel(R) HD Graphics (name of GPU). Second, my Mamba Wireless Mouse makes my cursor not lagging at all.
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    Pluginz said:
    Ahh shit, thats gone too far. Let me have a mash up of some history and I will be on your tail.
    Speak then
    Did you think it could be the type of USB port causing the wireless mouse to lag? I heard that USB 3.0 causes problems when wireless dongles are plugged in. I was reading reviews for a USB Bluetooth dongle on Amazon, and they said to plug the dongle into a USB 2.0 port, because the 3.0 port causes radio interference. But it sounds like the problem might not be the USB port if it was working fine before.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

    Are you using the Logitech USB receiver?
    Also are you using their Setpoint/Logitech options software?
    Have you updated the Firmware?
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    Ive noticed problems before now on mobos which have USB Legacy support, serial to USB, EHCI XHCI, USB 2 and USB 3, all needs configuring correctly in the bios.

    For Uefi installs I would completely disable,

    Legacy USB Support
    Serial to USB
    EHCI Handover ( Ownership of driver option )
    XHCI Handover ( same )

    Now goto USB support and change EHCI and XHCI from any 'Smart' options and change to 'Auto'. Now all ports whether it be USB2 or USB3 will auto detect and this should stop the ON/OFF style you mention

    USB2 Runs at 500mah's 5v's
    USB3 Runs at 900mah's, so cheap USB leads without supressors either end of cable probably not the best.
    Some motherboards allow the USB3 port to be active and live all the time. So when computer is turned off, the port can still supply power and charge a mobile phone
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