this is driving me crazy for over a week now and i just can't find any solution . Upgraded from Windows 8.1 went pretty smoothly except for my USB 3.0 ports and i just can't find the right drivers or windows won't let me install them.

The ports in the back of the tower all ports seem to work (back and frontpanel) but just as USB 2.0. When i plug in a 2.0 stick it recognizes it, but not my 3.0 stick just won't work it makes the sound when i plug it in but nothing happens.
I went to the asus support site for my Board and installed all the drivers for windows 10 from here:
Im also not sure which of theese would be for USB, installed them all anyways. Still nothing. Went back and dug out the support CD and tried to install something from there but it wouldn't let me.
My theory is that Microsoft uses its own drivers but they just don't work. I'm not an expert with USB drivers looking at the hardware manager doesn't help me much, but I made a pic, maybe it says something to some of you.

I would be really happy for any help, I need my USB 3.0 sticks regularly. I can't really find anything on this. This here seems to be something similar:
but just booting into safe mode did nothing for me.

Thanks in Advance!
I attached 2 Pictures maybe they'll help

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It's german, the "wechseldatentraeger" are the usb ports (removable medium)