The only thing different from the specs in the link is that I added a pci e Nvidia Quadro nvs 310 ddr3 GPU.

I was doing a clean install of Windows 10 on my Dell optiplex 755 large case and when the install process got to checking for the hard drive I got a pop up window telling me I needed the driver for my hard drive controller and i couldn't get passed it so I turned my computer off and stuck the flash drive into another computer and I got the this drive needs formatted (which is odd because it was working fine before) so I use a different USB drive in the Dell optiplex 755 (the problem computer) and the USB drive was acting as it should so thinking it was just the flash drive failing,

I burned windows 10 to a disk and tried reinstalling windows that way we'll I get to the part where it's checking the hard drive controller I get the same error message about windows needs a driver that it can't find for my hard drive Soo things I've tried

Took the second hard drive out.

Took the Nvidia GPU out.

Checked the bios which displayed my ssd drive (everything looks fine)

I don't know why I'm getting this issue this is the first time I've gotten it on my Dell optiplex 755 large case.

Any ideas?