Question about my USB Ports and Device Manager  

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    Windows 10 Pro

    This may be a driver issue (wrong driver/ missing driver) or it may be that your USB 3 ports are on a USB 2.0 header on the motherboard or an add in card. The fact that HWInfo shows a USB 3.0 device but operating at USB 2.0 and connected to a USB 2.0 port even though you say the port is blue and marked as USB 3.0 is concerning.
    Also could you check your BIOS and see if there are any USB related settings?
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    I agree that you may be missing the proper driver. If you haven't visited the MB manufacturer website, they may have updated drivers available. Also if you have a usb3 hub on a usb3 port and plugin a usb2 device, everything on the usb3 hub will run at the usb2 speed.
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    Many systems/motherboards have separate control chip for USB 3/3.1 so they need a driver and can also be possibly disabled/enabled in BIOS.
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    W10-Pro 22H2

    My USB3 ports work (and are shown in HWinfo-64) as USB-3, but the driver is dated 2006, so that may not signify anything (and note the version: 10.0.18362.x - that is a W10 'version number', mine is similar).
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    mngerhold said:
    My USB3 ports work (and are shown in HWinfo-64) as USB-3, but the driver is dated 2006, so that may not signify anything (and note the version: 10.0.18362.x - that is a W10 'version number', mine is similar).
    You have 2 controls for USB 3.1, both should have drivers incorporated in chipset drivers.

    Question about my USB Ports and Device Manager-image.png
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    I'm wondering how old is that motherboard? most modern MB and windows 10 use the Windows Generic drivers. In the past when USB 3.0 first came out each motherboard did have propitiatory drivers to make them work this was back with Windows 7. You could have one of these MB and I would have a look at the MB is should have the manufacture and model numbers. With that information you can research that manufacture website for the drivers needed. Also you say this computer was put together for you. Is that company still around? If Possible I would go back to them for information. If your MB is that old it might be time for an upgrade? Another option is to put in a PCI USB 3.1 Card, being current it will run with Windows native (Generic) Drivers. I don't have a recommendation as it been many years since I needed one of these but here are a few for your reference. Also someone else mention that your USB 3.0 Ports may not be connected to USB 3.0 headers Again you need MB specifications to know where to look for this information. These MB headers look the same but usually have markings on the MB to identify what the are
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    Agreed, be sure to check if your motherboard can use the PCI card or the newer usually faster PCIe Express card. I'd like to add a USB 3 card to a Dell Inspiron 530S but for cooling it would be too close to the Add-in video card I have to use. Being low-profile/SFF makes shopping more interesting.
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    I'm a bit surprised that no one has asked yet:

    What's the motherboard?

    HWinfo64 can tell you that, ending all speculation. It would also direct you to the drivers for the board.

    That would enable us to check the capabilites of the board.
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    I suggested the OP use HWInfo to look at the specs which he has done, all the info he needs to check motherboard and USB is there.
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    Sorry not to bet back sooner. Those who were talking mother board and drivers seem to have hit the nail on the head. I have a gigabyte mother board. When I had the machine built it came with windows 7. It seems the USB drivers were for windows 7 only and will not work with windows 10. Went to the manufacture and they don't make windows 10 drivers for my usb (it was discontinued). The only solution is to get a new USB Card that has the drivers that will work with windows 10. Hopefully I explained that right --- computer terms are not my speciality so not sure I used the right terms. Before I close this thread I have another question. This question will be the tell that I never worked on a CPU before

    I'll just label the images A and B

    Question about my USB Ports and Device Manager-.jpg Question about my USB Ports and Device Manager-b.jpg

    Image A is the top one and Image B is the one below it

    Image A you can see the blue USB slots. But also there are other connections there (i.e. audio, ethernet, etc). So can I just replace the USB? What I'm confused about is that silver panel that holds all the connections but there is no slot like a video card slot for the USB card. How are those USB replaced as is. I hope you understand I what I'm confused about.

    Image B I'm just showing that I do have an empty PCI-Express slot for USB 3.0. My only concern is how close it is to the Video Card Fan. I'm not sure if that will be an issue or not.

    Thanks guys have been great.
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