CPU Fan Problem on my Asus G11CD-K Desktop  

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    CPU Fan Problem on my Asus G11CD-K Desktop

    Asus G11CD-K Desktop, Purchased September 2017, Today while using it this evening started making a loud loud grinding sound after a program froze up solid, so i was like ok end task in task manager/restart system, then on that reboot said CPU Fan error bios screen, shut down a second time, let it rest some

    Turned back on, and seemed to be operating as normal, til i decided to try running a Malwarebytes free scan, and then noise returned soon as load was put on my Intel I7 7700, On disability and don't have much money to replace if its serious, hopefully a cheap kinda fix at Local PC shop and its back in operation asap

    *wipes tears as i type this, as if i had alot of money i'd just use this time to upgrade to a Ryzen 3600 or 3700X, but right now i just want my Gaming Desktop working as normal**
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    A new fan is very very cheap most MB will shutdown or not start if it doesnt get a signal from the fan to protect the cpu
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    well it was just making a grinding sound, and didn't seem to be shutting down, i manually clicked shutdown, and leaving the Desktop off til i decide what is best to do, and hopefully i can afford shops fee to fix it, as unforuately CPU heatsink/fan is outta my area of expertise sadly.
    Only restarted doing that once i put some load or work on the CPU, like a Malwarebytes Free scan

    still upset that this developed, i wouldn't be too worried if i had alot of money, but being disabled and not much money makes me scared and very upset, and might have to use Laptop sparingly to keep this one running til i got Desktop finally fixed

    And Yes Dust was cleaned out every 3 months with my electric dust cleaner, and yes i always held the fans still when i did that. I'll open the case in morning and check further if i can. Then try to get it over to a local shop for full repair
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    There is always the cheap 3 in 1 oil alternative.
    Looking at videos of your unit, the cpu fan shows a label on fan with one video and no label on the other videos.
    It's almost like the fan has been installed upside down to suck instead of blow. You may need to remove the fan to get to the label
    Just slowly peel that label off 3/4 way and put one or two drops in the middle part where the bearing is. Put the label back on.
    Rotate the fan by hand a few times to work out the dirt in the bearings.

    It has worked for me over the years. Stopped the grinding.

    Recently it was the fan in my power supply that made a terrible noise. Oil fixed it, though it can be very dangerous opening up a high voltage power supply,
    as most don't use bleeder resistors to drain away the high voltage. Can kill.
    Anyway, power supplies and cpu fans have come down a lot in price unless you go for premium Noctua fans.

    CPU Fan Problem on my Asus G11CD-K Desktop-peel-back-label-apply-oil.jpg
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    Yeah will have to look into all options, and decide which way to go for sure, this is first hardware issue i've had in ages...will look into things more tomorrow after hopefully a good nights sleep if i do sleep. Most of my days is spent using the system, Gaming, listening to music, etc.

    Currently on secondary Gaming system til i figure out what exactly doing with main system
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    Yeah, even if you get around to replacing the cpu fan in the end, it looks puzzling that if I enter the part number on the label in picture:

    Robot Check

    The frame is square not round. Asus may have had one or more specially made types by the vendor to incorporate each different cpu.

    Good luck with that.
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    Yeah i guess will have to determine what is best to do, unless i have a local shop tackle the replacement, not sure yet---just hope isn't charged and arm and a leg lol. As who knows what parts Asus actually used, not even sure how the replacing would go either.

    I knew i should've bought or had built a custom PC from a good online builder company, but i was like well i never had an Intel Asus system so grabbed that in 2017 when i had more money
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    It's too bad that you don't feel up to replacing the fan/heatsink youself. The part number seems to be 13071-00220600. $20US on eBay. (You have to buy some thermal compound as well, of course.)

    If it used a standard case fan, I'd suggest just replacing that, but it looks more proprietary.

    I presume the charge from a shop would be closer to $100, parts and labor.

    Best of luck.
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    If @bobkn is correct for the different cpu/heatsink combo that might be on your Intel computer,
    here are a couple of videos on removing similar type:



    Even if you don't or can't do it yourself, you will have some knowledge as to what is involved,
    and maybe talk the repair person to a lower price. :)

    Good luck whichever way you go.

    Good night.
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