Random Shutdown After Battery Replacement

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    Windows 10 Version 10.0.18362 64-bit

    Random Shutdown After Battery Replacement


    I recently replaced the dead battery in my Dell Latitude E6440 (Windows 10.0.18362 Build 18362). I bought the battery on eBay for a lot less than Dell wanted to charge me but it seems to have an issue with ACPI in that the laptop randomly shuts down when in its docking station. The BIOS error log makes reference to ACPI-commanded shutdowns so I made various adjustments to the advanced power settings Battery section (mainly Critical Battery Action, which I set to "do nothing"). This didn't help. So I then disabled the ACPI battery device driver in Device Manager and this appears to have cured the random shutdowns, although I now have no battery monitor on the taskbar or any means of getting any battery information other than from the BIOS, (which indicates that the battery is still charging, by the way). Ideally, I'd like to have ACPI enabled so I can have a battery monitor in W10 but since I don't use it on battery all that often, it's not the end of the world if I need to keep it disabled. I just wondered if anyone else has encountered this and if so, what course of action you took to resolve it. In addition, I was wondering if I'm likely to encounter any short/medium/long-term issues with my laptop by having ACPI disabled.

    All the best, Gerry
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    Welcome to TenForums!

    Good thing about that model is that it is a removable battery, so this test I'm going to suggest should be easy.

    If you still have the old battery, what happens you plug it back in? Does this problem go away? If so, then you know that the new battery is definitely the problem.

    BTW, I've experienced the same thing with cheap replacement batteries in the past. Sometimes it's just worth a few extra dollars to get a genuine replacement unless you can find a really reliable alternative source.

    As for any other ill effects, I'm not aware of this causing any other issues other than one: In my case, because the battery monitoring is not working, my laptop simply shuts off when the battery is empty. There is no graceful shutdown, just a sudden loss of power and along with it the loss of anything I was working on that I have not saved.
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    Thanks for your reply. I don't have the old battery but I'm pretty certain that if I did and I put it back in, the problem would go away. However, I'm very loathe to pay what Dell are asking in the UK for a Dell-badged battery (around £40 or $52 which is more than twice what I paid for the 3rd-party battery). My guess is there is some component in Dell's battery which is not in the released OEM spec which allows full ACPI-compliant communication between the battery and the platform and which therefore cannot be replicated in the 3rd-party battery, even if it is, as the 3rd-party claims, built to that spec. This is IMHO, a restrictive trading practice by Dell and I feel if I was to buy the Dell battery, I'd be condoning that. A battery is a consumable item and you should not be required to source consumable items from the OEM. Who goes to a Ford dealership to get a battery or a tyre for their Ford when the original needs replacing?

    I am inclined to continue to run it with ACPI disabled, conscious that I shouldn't do anything critical on it while I'm running off the battery (which as I said, I don't do very often). I'm very grateful for your opinion that there should be no other untoward effects in running the laptop with ACPI disabled, however if anyone else on this forum knows differently, or knows how to get it working properly with ACPI enabled, I'd be interested to hear from them.

    Best regards, Gerry
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    Gerry, I'm in full agreement with you. It's very similar to what printer manufacturers do with ink cartridges.

    Also, as noted, the experience I had was simply my own so it's always good to what others have experienced as well.
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