Your drivers as in post #8 seem to be correct, no problem there.
Don't worry about the 21/06/2006 date, that is a "generic date" for a reason. Same on mine.

I am not going to run the Toshiba EXE on mine as it is a Laptop actually in use, and the Optical drive is not quite the same. Just cannot take the risk.

Looks like it is a patch to an existing install, presumably a Win 7 version, and it cannot find it, or is the wrong version.

Normally with those Toshiba files you run the EXE and it will self extract it to a temporary folder. You have to stop at this point, find the install file in that temporary folder and then apply the compatibility mode to the install file.

As it was an unsupported model back in 2015 for Windows 10 then you probably won't find any suitable download from Toshiba.

As already mentioned try VLC Player.