Suddenly we can not see connected mobiles when in file explorer on our local computers.
When I look in device manager I can find the unit there, but it is not installed properly.
Normally windows takes care of this automatically but now it suddenly does not.
When I have encountered this earlier I have chosen "update driver from windows update" and the problem has been resolved.
But when I do that now it can not find any driver on windows update or in a search on the computer.

We use win 10 enterprise version on all computers and it seems all new computers we deploy have this issue.
We have tried fresh install of 1909 version. We have tried version version 1709 and taken the upgrades to 1909.

This issue is present regardless of mobile brand. We have tried samsung, apple, sony, cat.
We use only dell laptops. But the issue is there regardless model type. Old model or new.
It started maybe a month ago.
We have tried several tutorial on how to fix the connection to the mobile device without luck.
When I try to install original mobile drivers from the vendor, I am given message that the drivers could not be found.
We have also tried different things, for instance registry edits,manual copy of the missing driver files,usb debugging mode on mobile, fresh install of os on laptop, change to different port on computer, with and without docking, different users, local admin user, etc.

Is this a known issue?