version 1909

Ok I have been doing this for a couple of days, and I still get confused, you may follow along perfectly. I have a cheap bt headset headset, for a while after I bought it, when I turned it on, it might connect, it might not. If not I went into
Settings> Devices, found the headset and clicked connect. Eventually it stopped reconnecting completely unless I went in settings and clicked connect. Then that stopped working, and I could then click the Remove Device button, after it was removed, I then paired it again and it worked as expected.

Until it didn't, then when I clicked Remove Device, it said Remove Failed, Try Again (or something along those lines) I had to start going into Control Panel>All Items>Device Manager, expand Bluetooth, and then remove device that way, then pair again. Until it got to where it did not show up in Device Manager, until I went back to Settings>Devices, refreshed then it showed as still paired. Go back to Device Manager and it was back in the list of BT items.
Now that isn't working, I can not remove it, I can't pair it, nothing. However, I do have two BT mice and another BT headset in the house, they will all pair, turn off, and start working again no problem, it is just this one item I have that won't connect, or won't remove. Also this headset works fine on my wife's pc, it automatically connects every time it is turned on without fail. So why won't it connect to my pc?

I'm thinking maybe a driver problem, but I can get anything to work with the driver, running driver update, as usual turnes up noting, that is almost as useless as the troubleshooter. Again that's my thought, but I don't know .