OS Windows 10 for tablet
Versions 1809
Build 17763.805
Brand (?) ASRliving - purchased from Egghead

When I plug in a new mouse. (tested works on my PC) into the USB-C port nothing happens. The infrared light on the bottom of mouse doesn't light. Seems that tablet is not hunting or adding any new hardware. I have tried a number of Google suggestions but nothing so far has done the trick. Tried adding a device but the tablet din't pick up that it was present (plugged in)

Any help toward a fix for this much appreciated by a Vietnam Era Veteran. Not as saavy about these devices as back in the XP days. Many thanks! jack ":-Dx

- - - Updated - - -

Embarrassing. I just needed to put some more elbow into pushing it in the port. *red faced* it found it and working fine. I tend to be light handed with these small devices. I guess sometimes they just need to be handled with a little more force. jack ":-Dx