Disc errors after 8.1-->10 upgrade

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    Disc errors after 8.1-->10 upgrade

    Right after I upgraded my system started acting funny with constant slow freezes. When it crashed without BSOD after I dried to access files on my HDD non-system disc (partition D: ) I checked event viewer and found endless supply of disc errors 129 and 153

    129: Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued.

    153: The IO operation at logical block address 0x6200a8 for Disk 1 (PDO name: \Device\00000036) was retried.

    My setup includes 2 discs in AHCI: SSD (partitions C: and E: ) and HDD in question (partition D: ).

    I tried updating MSI drivers, but they're up to date. Even when I wasn't specifically using the files on the disc system was slow and unstable (probably due to some kind of Win10 features that I haven;t disabled yet poking around).

    I removed the HDD and plugged it into another computer (that one with Win 8.1) and both my disc-less system and the HDD were working perfectly fine for hours since.

    Thing is I do need this disc in its previous location. What can I do to fix this mess?
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    This problem is sometimes exhibited with:
    1- Systems that have more than one SSD (probably because you partitioned your disk to C:\ and E:\).
    2- Anti Virus or Ad-ware software "not allowing hard disk access", disable it to check.
    3- RAID Controllers, check in the Device Manager under "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" and uninstall any RAID drivers. I know you are using AHCI, so it is unlikely that you have this.

    Try changing the Power Settings from Balanced to Hi Performance to affect the PCI Express --> Link State Power Management --> "Off" (in the Power Options).
    Disc errors after 8.1-->10 upgrade-power-options.jpg
    Right Click on the Power Icon --> Power Options --> High Performance.
    Also ensure:
    1- You have the latest firmware on the motherboard BIOS.
    2- Check if the Hard Disk vendor has released any firmware update.
    3- Device Manager --> Disk Drives --> (Right Click) on your disks and Update driver software.
    Good luck.
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    Thanks for the replay!

    I checked all the things you mentioned (everything in order) and then adjusted the Power Options. Rising it to High Performance gave instant results. While I haven't tested it extensively yet I was able to defragment the disc and received only 2 129 errors at the start. With Balanced I was getting both errors every other minute while HDD was mostly inactive.

    For now I'll monitor it and see if errors all but disappeared, or at least went down to unnoticable level and report back.

    That being said - since the power adjustment is clearly doing something, is there a follow-up measure in the same direction in case that wasn't enough? And what is most likely causing this problem? OS itself? Hardware? Drivers?

    Once again, thanks a bunch!

    EDIT: On 7 and 8 forums there was an option to commend a helpful individual by giving them reputation or something of a sort. Am I missing it here, or isn't it implemented?

    EDIT2: Looks like I was too optimistic. In another 20 minutes I got another of hard-reset requiring freezes that, to makes things worse, produced no event log. I'm 99% sure it's related to the disk issue tho since it has no happened for circa 8 hours when I had the HDD unplugged.
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    I hope you restarted the computer after making the recommended changes. Now it is possible that you have some file corruption, due to switching off during HDD writing !?.

    However, this issue is usually caused by loss of synchronization between ports attributed to a bad driver, but another other possibility is low quality SATA cable, change and test first (Some old SATA cables are not capable of 6GB transfer)!

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    Whole rig is new ( 3 months) and performed without a single issue (like that) till after a failed Win 10 upgrade, so I'd rather assume broken driver/file corruption. I checked event viewer and 1st errors like that show up right after 8.1 was restored by Win10 install and remained after the 2nd attempt succeeded.

    Now when I think about it I should have included this detail in the 1st post -.-
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