So I just spent the last 2 days sorting all my files and housekeeping, this involved a lot of deletions and organising in to folders, then creating backups across 2 external HDD's and several USB flash drives. Once I had finished I started to poke around and found this in Device manager.
Windows does odd things-desk01.png

Windows seemed to have created new volume entries for drives that are attached to the PC (internals), but also had about 30+ USB drive entries under the USB hidden devices list. These corresponded to the 2 external USB HDD's and various flash drives I had just been using, my question is WHY?
Not so much why does Windows create them, but more a case of why so many, I certainly do not own 30+ USB drives of any sort and all the drives I did use I did not re-format or re-partition so the device ID's should have been the same.
Also I use the same USB ports all the time for the same drives (2xUSB 3 and 1xUSB 2), same drive on same port (it's a habit thing).
I have since uninstalled all the "ghost volumes" with no ill effects.
Windows shows all the "ghosts" as code 45, this device is no longer connected, so not an error, but does this mean Windows checks for each and every device at start up, and if you left the devices in the list, and the list kept growing, would Windows start up slow to a crawl as it attempts to initialise each and every "ghost"?
I should also say, these devices persisted across re boots, and I currently have 6 entries for my 3 internal drives.