Not sure if i should post this in my other long thread but think it should be better here as its a separate question. I have a UPS i bought few months ago. I noticed when you have it unplugged while the UPS is on... or say if there is power outage, it beeps twice every 30-45 seconds. I read that is how it is with this cyberpower UPS.

5. BATTERY icon:
During a severe brownout or blackout, this icon appears and an alarm sounds (two short beeps followed by a pause) to indicate the UPS is
operating from its internal batteries. During a prolonged brownout or blackout, the alarm will sound continuously to indicate the UPSís batteries
are nearly out of power. You should save files and turn off your equipment immediately or allow the software to shut the system down.

I took a look at the manual. There is nothing spoke about for stopping the 2 beeps. It says it makes 2 beeps. I do see a few steps later it says

This icon appears whenever the UPS is in silent mode.

So making it silent mode will silent it? I don't see this option and the picture they post in the manual, its too tiny to look at anything.

I took a look at best buy site with people asking questions about silencing the beeping sound

Someone said

Holding down the grey "Display" button on the front for a few seconds will silence the alarm.

I tried this and it does not work. I saw youtube video where lot of ppl said this works. So why doesn't mine work this way? There are 2 buttons on the UPS, display and mute. Lot of ppl said this works.

But i then saw an old video with a same cyberpower UPS but different model number and say this can be done via download software and plug in usb cable.

I'm confused. Did the UPS come with either of these cables? I don't think it came with one.

Im going to spend today testing how long i can get out of this UPS while connecting to my laptop.

Anyone with a cyberpower UPS can tell me how to stop these annoying 2 beeps? Can you do this with the lcd pressing screen?