i am using a microsoft universal bluetooth keyboard https://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-Uni.../dp/B00GWGLUZ0 on my laptop which has windows 10 1809. i am also using the program classicshell to bring back the windows 7 start menu

in the past i used to have some weird glitches when i played games using my bluetooth keyboard (what just happened)

just now i had another weird glitch. i was watching a movie on my laptop using vlc player and i suddenly noticed that some of the keypresses on the bluetooth keyboard were not recognized like pressing space wouldnt pause the movie and pressing esc wouldnt exit from full screen. i was able to forward and rewind using the arrow keys. i went to my laptop and i tried to press space bar and esc on the keyboard of the laptop. also nothing happened. pressing cntrl alt delete did nothing. pressing alt tab worked and then i closed the movie from the taskbar. also when i pressed the windows key on the keyboard i got the windows 10 start menu instead of the windows 7 start menu. after that i did restart and everything went back to normal

why am i getting those weird glitches? can a bluetooth keyboard mess up windows? i dont know. i am thinking of retiring my keyboard and buying a new bluetooth keyboard which is logitech k480