So i have a 2-in-1 (hp envy x360 15m), which is obviously supposed to function as a normal laptop when in laptop shape, but is supposed to disable the keyboard when the screen is bend back more than ~200 degrees. Mine does this perfectly, until you get to about 330 degrees, aka almost fully tablet. Here's where things get FUNKY: it'll keep the keyboard disabled but ONLY when the screen is facing upright, aka the bottom of the screen is at a higher altitude than the top. If you tilt the whole laptop (still in tablet form) the slightest bit backwards so the top is lower than the bottom, it re-enables the keyboard and turns off auto-rotate, which is NOT what i want to happen.

Now, I've tried changing the registry values for auto-rotate and messing with the driver for the laptop-slate detector, but to no avail. It seems to be that the detector or some part is miss-calibrated so the laptop gets confused at some point. An interesting thing here is that the registry entry for auto-rotate will reset itself on start-up, even when I disable ALL permissions for the entry. At this point, I'm not sure what the issue is. I recently did a windows refresh for the sake of feeling better, but I'm pretty sure this issue existed prior, I just didn't notice it.

Anybody have an idea I can try for fixing? It wouldn't be too much of a problem, except I like to use this thing on my lap while kind of hunched over, so it ends up slightly tilted and I hit keys on the keyboard. I'll probably just use tablet mode for the time being, but I'd rather have an actual fix for the situation. IMO, 2-in-1's should just be made like the HP spectre folio, where they have that second hinge so the screen folds OVER the keyboard.

Thanks for any help, this is less of an emergency problem and more of a peculiar mystery.