Windows 10 Mouse Lagging  

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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    Windows 10 Mouse Lagging

    Hello :)

    Since I upgraded to Windows 10 I sadly have problems with the mouse cursor being laggy in some situations.
    It's not a hardware issue as in the other thread about that topic over here (that's why I started a new topic), as it happens to my touchpad as well and even "Keyboard Mouse" (Controlling mouse pointer via Numpad).

    The effect is that if I move the mouse pointer around it will suddenly stop ever approx. 3 seconds.
    It doesn't happen if Task Manager is in foreground strangely.

    If no program is started it doesn't happen as well, the main issue is with internet browsers. (Edge, Chrome, Firefox)

    I somehow thought it might be a driver problem and I updated graphics drivers and wireless card drivers, but both didn't help.

    I hadn't have this issue in Win 8.1.

    Do you have any suggestions what might could help? The issue is driving me crazy.


    I found the solution, it can be seen here: Windows 10 Mouse Lagging
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

    Does that happen when you use the dedicated GPU (the Nvidia) or the IGP (the Intel) or both?
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    Windows 10 Pro x64
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    I can't control which of them is running, they're switching on their own. But if I understand the principle of them right the Nvidia GPU should just kick in on Games
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  4. You
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    Windows 10 Enterprise x64 (build 10586)

    When Task Manager is open, can you switch to other windows and hide it behind them? If not, then "Always on Top" is enabled which I believe grabs the mouse cursor from other programs trying to grab it. And does the mouse do the same thing with programs open while it is in the security options (ctrl+alt+delete)?
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    Windows 10 Pro x64
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    Yes, Task Manager is hidden if I click into another window.

    In security options the effect doesn't appear as well.

    I seem to be close to the problem: I'm not sure if it's coincidence, but the problem seems to disappear if I exit Dropbox in tray. Are there any known incompabilities?

    EDIT: It seems to be caused by everything that causes internet traffic. Spotify as well for example. Strange thing.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

    daniels7 said:
    I can't control which of them is running, they're switching on their own. But if I understand the principle of them right the Nvidia GPU should just kick in on Games
    OK I don't have experience on switchable GPUs, but your last message has ruled out that possibility.

    Can you try to downlaod nope, a torrent or something that generates lots of traffic and check. Does CPU usage spikes while the mouse lags
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    Windows 10 Pro x64
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    With a torrent running it's very laggy and I don't get CPU spikes, but I get HDD (SSD in this case) spikes with explorer.exe calling TwinUI.dll
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  8. You
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    Windows 10 Enterprise x64 (build 10586)

    That could be the issue, but it's happening in all internet apps including Firefox. Does uTorrent or whatever you use run in the background, and if you exit from the background and use another internet app like Firefox, does it still lag? I think that Task Manager and the Security Options run on an administrative level which means that low-privileged processes can't grab the mouse control from it.

    And have you scanned the computer with an antivirus (make sure to check the exclusions to make sure that nothing in in there before scanning)? It's possible that someone installed a joke program which launches at startup (even if you are the only person with access to the computer, it could've entered in the form of a download), but it's weird that it only happens when you're running internet-using apps.
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    windows 10

    I have the exact same problem after upgrading to windows 10, installed new drivers for both my graphic cards, which did not help. I can see that me and Daniel have almost the exact same laptop.

    I can see huge ethernet spikes sometimes, but no specific spikes during the lag. Same thing aplies to task manager, once that is in the foreground, the lag is gone.

    I noticed that the lag also occurs on scrolling, with either my wireless mouse, or my trackpad on my laptop. While scrolling with the trackpad when the lag occurs a bleeping sound is also heard through the speakers.
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    Windows 10

    I'm having the exact same issue, slightly different PC specs, although similar. Again, no issue with the Task Manager in the foreground or while on the Security Options.

    Update: With all internet connections disconnected, issue persists. The problem may be further agitated by internet traffic, but this does not appear to be the root cause.
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