Windows 10 Mouse Lagging

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    Windows 10 Home x64

    exzacklyright said:
    Same issue.. but I don't have FMAPP.exe

    What do i do :[
    Turns out my issue was some sort of interference. I switched to a corded mouse and everything works perfectly.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    I'm using a corded mouse.. g500. It feels like my mouse hits a "bump" and then stops moving... it's so annoying.
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    Windows 10 Home x64

    exzacklyright said:
    I'm using a corded mouse.. g500. It feels like my mouse hits a "bump" and then stops moving... it's so annoying.
    Only other thing I can think of is maybe there's something interfering with the optical part of the mouse? Have you tried using it on a different surface or blowing off the the sensor?
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    Windows 10 x64

    daniels7 said:
    I found the issue!
    It was related to a Realtek Program named FMAPP.exe.

    Stopping it in Task Manager and excluding it from starting at Boot solved my issue and it leads to no Sound issues or similar things, so it's no problem to exclude it from boot.

    I had no issue since 2-3 days now, so that seemed to be it
    Thank you! Fixed mine too, R7-572G, just registered to post this reply here XD

    Just that haven't got dolby digital plus working yet.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64Bit

    I bought the Logitech G502 Mouse a long time ago.
    I looked round for lots of solutions but none that did work.
    But I found a way to fix it, atleast for now, how long it will stay like this, I dont know.
    The problem I think is the Mouse software has its own accelerator app and so does windows, a garbagety one at it that goes in conflict with eachother.

    This is how I fixed it:
    1: Use Cortana and search for "Mouse" to go into Mouse properties.
    1: Or by go in Settings, Devices, Mouse and Touchpad, "aditional mouse options.
    2: Go into "Pointer Options" and turn off "Enhance Pointer Precision"
    3: Hit Apply, and OK

    I did try to turn Precision on again, and it started being a a pain again, and turning it off, it calmed down again
    I belive this is the reason the lagg happens, having two things fighting over what is best for the mouse, one saying to use 12000DPI and one 1400DPI

    But why it only happend after 3 months, I dont know, I have a feeling its one of the new windows updates that did this.
    But it looks like my mouse calmed down from its tantrums.

    if people can confirm if this works, I would apriciate it
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    Windows 10

    Nothing posted here would help, including 3 different mouse/keyboards.

    Done with Windows 10, and reinstalled Windows 7. All is well in my world again.
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    WIN 10

    Alright folks, just like most here, i too, created an account to verify and debunk some of these answers. My current Desktop settings:

    2 Monitors Samsung 27D360
    GTX 660
    16GB DDR3 Dual Chan
    AMD FX-400

    2) mouse settings, no
    3)USB port change, no
    4)Realtek Disable and enable (after restart) No

    Here is where i am sitting at right now.

    After doing 1, 2, 3, and 4, I did the following:

    1)Reset chrome, settings.
    2)Downloaded the new Nvidia driver 375.57, changing my display to 1920x1080(in game as well),
    resetting my all my games setting ( Warcraft).

    Was super for about 20min, now i just got it back, not as bad and loading chrome pages in a new tab while moving the mouse is ok. That's great in my books.

    3) Closed CCleaner....
    4) Remember to close automatic updates as well as they run in the backround.

    Going between screens (max windowed game) It's a helluva lot better than before.

    Scanned for performance issues and AVG found 2 Virtual Usb Bus Enumertors not working, Drivers which can affect your mouse (chances though??) Check your temp CPU 50C and gpu that right?

    Going to fix the drivers that AVG found then see how things run.

    TBC.....Continuing. I'll touch base when i know for a fact that i have no issues whatsoever. Good Luck peeps!!
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    Windows 10

    Royzee said:
    Nothing posted here would help, including 3 different mouse/keyboards.

    Done with Windows 10, and reinstalled Windows 7. All is well in my world again.
    Problem fixed, though misquoted here. It was the left button click that was not working well.

    When clicking the left button it would sometimes work as intended. Other times Windows 10 would say" Huh? What, did you just click? Playing a game on Facebook one sometimes had to click 5 or 6 times before it worked.

    Downloaded the Logitech drivers from Logitech website specified for Windows 10. Works perfectly (though for desktop I think I will still use my Windows 7). :)
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    Windows 10

    I might have spoken a mite too soon. It worked great for a day, and while still better than it was, is acting up again. A reboot helps but not 100%.

    I'm thinking that logitech streamlined their driver, but Microsoft needs to do the same on their end. And of course there is a lot more code, as it is checking for both mouse clicks, and screen touches.

    If Microsoft would make it possible to turn off the screen touch for desktops it may help.
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    WIN 10

    Still some problems on my end, i guess we'll all have to sit tight as, MICROSOFT ( yes i'm yelling) seems to be doing nothing about it, well, we least no update on what's going on.

    I was playing Warcraft yesterday and only a few times did i have trouble. I have more problems once chrome is open.

    So just found they released drivers last week, but i can't install them or the cab file. Ughhh....
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