USB Flash Drive Problem... or ?

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    W10 pro x64 20H2 Build 19042.610

    USB Flash Drive Problem... or ?

    I picked up a Hama brand 128Gb USB2 drive a couple of weeks ago from a reputable component supplier. The drive was retail packaged and I have no doubts over its authenticity.

    When used on my Dell i5 laptop running W10 insider builds I find the drive freezes when transferring normal types of files (music, pictures etc). Not just freezing, it also locks the PC (not responding) and even prevents it shutting down.

    The default formatting is exFAT. I tried NTFS and a quick format took 20 minutes after which it reported only some 66 Gb free, in other words around one half.

    The drive was exchanged by the retailer, however the replacement is the same.

    Next I try it on my W8.1 Acer laptop and find that while it doesn't freeze in quite the same way, the file transfer still stalls and takes ages and ages. It goes in spurts transferring maybe 10 files at a very low speed (kB) and then stops for perhaps 20 seconds before doing a few more.

    A Sony Android TV also fails to even recognise the drive when asked to use it for recording, and Sony specifically say in one document that speed is not an important parameter for that application.

    All my other drives (SanDisk, Lexar and Peak etc) all work as expected.

    Any thoughts. Is there anything intrinsically poor compatibility wise about high capacity flash drives? I've used 64Gb before and had absolutely no issues.

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    For me similar problems have been have been corrected in a couple of ways, one is on a Linux computer with it GPARTED program installed or by booting to a GPARTED LiveCD and cleaning then setting up the drive as desired. Doing so gets around the Windows limit of 32GB FAT32 partitions, have External HDDs up to 500GB formatted as FAT32 which is great for Mac OS X/macOS but they still have the single-file size limit of 4GB which makes exFAT better for transferring files. My largest thumb drives are 64-bit and came as FAT32 but I did change one to exFAT to get around that file size limit, part of my software toolkit when I visit clients.

    I mostly use Lexar, SanDisk and PNY but also have 1 Crucial from early on.
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    W10 pro x64 20H2 Build 19042.610
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    Thanks for your thoughts. I haven't tried a Linux disc although I did have a bash with Diskpart in Windows and using clean and creating a new partition and so on. It made no difference though.

    I'll have a think what to do and whether to invest any more time messing around with it.
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    Just bought a Kingston 16G drive that was defective.
    Use Hetest (attached) to test the drive. It will write small files to the drive and then read them.
    On a big one like yours it can take days.
    Hetest opens in German but you can change to English
    USB Flash Drive Problem... or ? Attached Files
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    Never heard of the Hama brand before. A lot of dupes come from China regardless of brand name. The off brand names seem to be the worst. I'd would just take it back and get a different brand.
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    W10 pro x64 20H2 Build 19042.610
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    Thanks but I suspect a refund is going to be the quick fix for this and make a mental note to put Hama on the 'do not buy' list... lol, just seen Planktons post appear.
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    W10 pro x64 20H2 Build 19042.610
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    256 Flash drive freezes Win10, not on Win7

    I have a similar problem: I have a 256 GB SanDisk flash drive that makes my new AIO Lenovo Win10/64 freeze up entirely. The drive works fine on my old Win7 Lenovo laptop, but freezes the Win10 machine.

    (I had originally used the flash drive as back up on my old Dell Win7 desktop.)
    When I first inserted the flash drive into the new Win10 machine, it froze. So I tried it on the Win7 laptop and it worked fine. Next, on the laptop I fully reformatted (not quick) the drive but the same problem persists. It works on Win7, not Win10. Note that all my other flash drives work fine on the Win10 desktop, regardless of which USB port I use.
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    Win10 Version 21H2 Pro and Home, Win11 Pro

    Do you have a mix of brands or all the same?

    I've had a similar problem with a 64GB drive and ended up plugging it into my Linux Mint computer and using the included GPARTED partitioning program to first delete the partition on the drive then recreating new followed by formatting as FAT32 [the original format]. GPARTED is also available as a downloadable .iso file used to create the Bootable LiveCD which runs a version of Linux.

    I don't have larger drives and haven't checked the formatting on them.
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    Windows 11 pro X64 latest

    The hama one has average speed of 6mb/s and it is from a deleted timeline. What u espect.
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