How do I change my mouse settings to not wake computer?

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    How do I change my mouse settings to not wake computer?

    Hey all,

    I have a peculiar issue. When I put my computer to sleep, mouse movement does not wake my computer. I can move the mouse all I want and it never wakes up.

    However, if I move my mouse in the split second after I click "sleep", then my computer wakes up immediately. It only wakes up if I move the mouse in this incredibly short time window after hitting sleep. If I leave the mouse perfectly still, click "sleep", them move the mouse after it is already asleep...the mouse movement does not wake the computer.

    How do I fix this? It is very strange to have to keep the mouse literally completely still, take my hand off, just click the left click with 1 finger to put it to sleep and slowly back away hoping the tiniest movement didn't occur during that time.

    I have tried going into device manager, unchecking "allow this device to wake computer" for both the mouse and USB settings. I have tried going into power settings and all of that. No options of waking, allowing waking, etc. etc. have made any difference.

    Thank you so much in advance!
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    Hi, what sort of mouse is it? Wireless? Does the USB port power down?
    Try (unless you mean you've already looked):

    Turn On or Off USB Selective Suspend in Windows 10

    Set Windows to Power On / Off USB Devices in Sleep Mode | Password Recovery

    If wireless, have you compared what happens with a wired mouse?

    You could check which devices are enabled to wake your computer and view last wake events using the powercfg command at a command prompt, and select which devices can wake your computer.
    /? will help you list options.
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    Another point not having details about the computer: are you using a Bluetooth mouse? That may be more difficult as the Bluetooth wireless adapter is usually part of the Wireless/Wi-Fi adapter, especially on Notebooks. Some new Desktop computer are starting to include such hardware.
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    Hey everyone,

    Thank you for your time so far! Sorry I did not give more details in my initial post.

    It is a wired Amazon Basics mouse. The mouse is plugged into a Dell docking station (however, I have tried plugging the mouse right into the laptop and the issue still persists).

    I do not have the USB selective suspend settings in my power options menu. Also, I have tried unchecking all of the boxes for the USB devices in the Device Manager settings.

    I also ran the cmd prompt to check what last woke the computer and I am seeing "Update Orchestrator Service" as the culprit.

    Thanks again for the help!
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    If you click sleep and let go of mouse what happens.

    I'm going to suggest that when you move in this very short period your machine actually isn't fully asleep. Yes the screen maybe off but has the disk activity stopped and what ever indicator on your machine that indicates sleep, has it engaged, like flashing power button.
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    here is something to try , how about you center the mouse pointer then wait on it to suspend then move the mouse far left then wake the laptop , see if the mouse remained centered or moved . in that case we know if the mouse gets suspended too or just some setting ignores firing up the screen on mouse move ?
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    @Caledon Ken

    When I click sleep, and let go of the mouse -- we are good to go. I can even move the mouse after waiting a few seconds and the computer doesn't wake. It's only in that short second or 2 after clicking sleep that even the tiniest movement wakes it back up instantly. We literally have to move the mouse over "sleep", take our hand off the mouse, and carefully left click with one finger to activate sleep.

    Also, I think you are right because I noticed that the lights on the keyboard go off when the computer is actually asleep. When there is a tiny movement, the keyboard lights stay on so it may not ever actually go to sleep...but then what is happening?

    I'd also like to add, we just gave out new laptops and docks (same laptops and docks) to about 6 employees. All using the same hardware/software but only this one laptop/dock situation is doing this. It's so strange!

    Great idea! I will give this a shot today and see what I can find out.

    Thanks again everyone for your help!
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