Xbox One Controller preventing monitor from going to standby mode!

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    Xbox One Controller preventing monitor from going to standby mode!


    I've ran into a new problem last 1 month I am having this issue and I have just diagnosed last night the problem that is causing my monitor to not turn off its display.

    It turns out that there is some very tiny drifting going on with my Afterglow Xbox One Gamepad Controller. Afterglow Wired Controller for Xbox One I've had this controller for the last 10 months, it is still in warranty. I've used it only with my PC, I don't have a console.

    However, it appears despite re-calibrating the controller from the game controller settings in control panel, it is preventing Windows 10 monitor from going to sleep.

    I've set my monitor to turn off after 1 minute. But it doesn't turn off. But if I lift the analog sticks upwards this somehow fixes the issue, but obviously not a proper solution at all.

    Now, the strange part is that I never had the problem under Windows 10 1809 and when I upgraded from 1809 to 1903. It is only after I had freshly installed Windows 10 1903 then this problem started to emerge!

    Last 1 month my monitor has never turned off its display even though I've set the power option for it to turn off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

    If I disable the controller from the settings or unplug the controller, then monitor display will turn off. I have noticed that it appears that Windows installed the latest Xbox One Controller drivers and I am wondering whether this is the cause of it?

    I never had this problem last 10 months. I've had this controller since September 2018. Can someone shed some light? I don't want to have to unplug the controller so monitor can go to sleep.
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    so basically you have yourself a work around which is disabling it till needed , there are few things to check for if i were you like :

    have you installed any game enhancing / cheat programs that for example do turbo rapid fires ? those are known to keep working in back ground .

    did you happen to install one of those android emulators ? one that works or use a third party mean to work with your gamepad ? sometimes those install background services that keep checking for gamepad input rendering your pc rather active than idle .

    do you see any entries in task managers with xbox in the name ? and what happens if you end their tasks ?

    are you able to disassemble the gamepad and remove the upper plate which has all the buttons and d-pads so nothing is pressed and then reconnect the gamepad at such state and see if the problem continues ? as these may be too a sign of aging controller (a pad or button lost its elasticity and is constantly flickering or pressed or stuck half way) or one that may require servicing maybe (accumulated sticky stuff or dust maybe) ?
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    Since it is controller issue, use a USB hub that you can switch off individual devices. You already know what the issue is, just need to follow your gut.
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    My assumptions were correct, it turns out that it was indeed a problem with the latest Xbox One drivers from Windows Update that came with the Windows 10 1903 update!!! I've been troubleshooting all this time only to finally find out the cause of the issue.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	New problematic Xbox drivers stopping sleep mode.jpg 
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Name:	Official Afterglow PDP Xbox One driver fixes display standby!.jpg 
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    I've made multiple tests, re-calibrations and gamepad movements and then left my controller down and tested with the 1 minute standby display setting and it works each and every time!

    It is those March 2019 Xbox One drivers that are a curse. I'm not even sure if they are designed for this Afterglow controller. But anyway, the old drivers were working just as fine.

    My problem with the PDP drivers however, are that on Windows start-up it vibrates for a few seconds to indicate functionality. This is a bit of a nuisance and stress, so I had to put a soft pillow carpet cushion on the floor so that the controller doesn't rattle on the floor loudly.

    The official Xbox One controller drivers that were dated from 2018 didn't have this problem. It is only the March 2019 drivers that are causing me this problem.

    How I didn't know all this time, I have no idea! Now if only I know how to obtain the older Xbox One drivers from Microsoft then I probably can rectify this issue like it has when I had 1809!

    Xbox One Controller is working perfectly and there's no drifting, I've tested with both FIFA and PES 2020 Demo to confirm, players aren't moving by themselves. It's only very tiny drift in the controller settings from time to time, but this is perfectly normal and happens with all controllers as long as it is not too much, that's when it can be regarded as a fault.
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    Just get one of these. Sabrent 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub with Individual LED lit Power Switches (HB-UMLS)

    It is going to happen again.
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    bro67 said: View Post
    Just get one of these. Sabrent 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub with Individual LED lit Power Switches (HB-UMLS)

    It is going to happen again.
    I appreciate your suggestion. But trust me, this issue isn't going to happen again!

    I've just tested again today while I was watching a football match on TV and my monitor display turned off and remained that way for over an hour and the controller did not wake up the display!

    The problem is definitely related to the latest March 2019 Xbox One drivers. Sadly, I don't have information on the previous drivers from 1809. If there was a way to extract the old Xbox One drivers from Microsoft Windows Update and install those that were present in the Windows 10 1809 version then this will rectify the issue. There is no option to roll back the drivers on a clean Windows 10 1903 as Microsoft did not give that option for the older drivers to be installed.

    I have used the PDP official afterglow drivers previously for months when I had Windows 8.1 at that time. I've only started using Windows 10 from May this year and when I used 1809 I never had problems with the screen going to sleep using the 2018 Xbox One drivers. But as soon as March 2019 drivers came as the new default in 1903 update that is when the problem emerged immediately with no exceptions.

    The key here is to uninstall the existing Xbox One drivers and to not restart the PC or else Windows will reinstall those newer drivers again. Then install freshly the official PDP Afterglow Xbox One driver from the website and now everything is fine. Windows will not install those problematic drivers again until a fresh install.

    I actually did prefer official Microsoft drivers as it did not cause my controller to vibrate on Windows start-up, that was a big advantage. The official PDP drivers cause the controller to vibrate for 2 seconds on start-up to indicate that it is working, part of its design feature. But I guess I'd rather have the vibration on Windows start-up but the display to actually turn off than have the latest drivers from Microsoft that prevent it from going to standby.

    Microsoft should fix this or give us the option to use the older drivers! Their official Xbox One Drivers aren't fully compatible or suitable for the PDP Afterglow Xbox One controller.

    Sorry for the long post.
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    until microsoft fix this i suggest you stop automatic drivers update cause microsoft has a habit of persisting at pushing faulty drivers at people whenever they roll back just because they are latest from their perspective .
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    nIGHTmAYOR said: View Post
    until microsoft fix this i suggest you stop automatic drivers update cause microsoft has a habit of persisting at pushing faulty drivers at people whenever they roll back just because they are latest from their perspective .
    Yeah you're right. Actually when I had 1809 and the 2018 Xbox One drivers this issue wasn't occurring so I never needed to manually install the PDP drivers.

    Unfortunately Microsoft pushed in those latest March 2019 drivers when installing Windows 10 1903 (clean install as opposed to upgrading from 1809). Those drivers happen to automatically install if you plug in an Xbox One Controller to any USB port as they come pre-loaded with 1903. Perhaps those March 2019 drivers might be suitable for those on the official Microsoft Xbox One Wired Controller. But mine is an unofficial PDP branded Xbox One Controller even though it is certified as an Xbox One Controller and functions perfectly like an Xbox One Controller it might not be designed for those drivers.

    So far so good, using the official PDP drivers from 2014 from the PDP website has solved the problem. My PC display was off for 3 hours last night when I was watching TV and the screen did not wake up by itself. I was actually observing the monitor from time to time to see if it had woken up, but it hasn't.

    I can also confirm there isn't any drifting. I'm well aware of that problem had this in the past with 360 Controllers. But there's no automatic movement of player characters in game when releasing analog sticks. I play FIFA, PES and NBA 2K on PC with gamepads only so I know precision and a well calibrated controller is very important when playing those games.
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