Dell V505 printer prints images only, no text

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    Dell V505 printer prints images only, no text

    Can anyone help please?

    I have a brand new Dell V505 printer and it only seems able to print images.

    I've installed it correctly and I've downloaded the Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 (although it keeps reminding me to do it).

    Don't really know what to do ...

    Thank you.
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    Brand new? There are no Windows 10 drivers on the Dell downloads for the V505 or the V505W.

    There is a 2015 driver for Win 8 which MAY work on Win 10. Have you installed this driver? If it is having problems with Win 10, installing the Driver in a Compatibility mode for Win 8 may help the situation.

    Dell driver:

    Also HERE is the Dell community printer forum. May be best to post there.
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    Windows 8 drivers have to be installed when 10 drivers are not available.
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    Sorry for not replying earlier, I couldn't see any way to do it (turned out I wasn't logged in! ... obviously I'm a techical wizard!!).

    I tried various things to get this printer working (downloads, drivers, etc) but nothing made any difference. If anyone knows the EXACT driver needed, I'd love to hear it.

    Eventually I phoned the Dell helpline and after taking details the techician told me it needed a new 'fuser' (he was specific, didn't mean a new fuse when I asked him).

    He said it's not produced anymore and Dell don't make printers now so they don't even have the part.

    Does anyone know if it's possible to get this 'fuser', and whether it would even be worth it (from what he was saying it didn't sound like he thought it would be).

    Thank you for your help.

    PS It amazes me that a new printer can even need a new part. I realise it might be an old model, but it was still in the box and plastic wrapping, unopened. Weird!
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    Lexmark made printers for Dell at one time. Maybe a Lexmark fuser will work. I did a search for a Dell V505 fuser and didn't come up with anything.

    It may have been "new" but its an old discontinued laser printer. May be best to cut your losses and get a current production printer.

    See THIS about a fuser
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    Thanks for the reply, firebird.

    This is an inkjet printer though, not a laser printer. Maybe the tech I spoke to at Dell got it wrong. I took a look at your link and it is about fusers, which apparently are parts of laser printers.

    I don't know much about any of this (obviously), but I think it's more likely to be a driver problem. If I could find out exactly which driver is needed and get it installed, I think it would work fine.

    Also, it seems amazing to me that a 'new' printer (yeah, old model admittedly, but a new printer) would actually be in need of a new part. I installed the two brand new print cartridges and it has actually printed one page perfectly okay, so I know it's capable of working correctly.
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    OK, so its an inkjet, they were made by Lexmark for Dell. But Lexmark ink jet cartridges will not work in a Dell as they are coded for a Lexmark only (same way a Dell coded cartridge won't work in a Lexmark even though they are physically the same). They had many problems and Dell finally dropped them. I won't stand up for the Dell support person but apparently a new one and didn't look up (like I didn't) what the printer actually is. May not even be in their database since its a discontinued and out of any Dell warranty service. If someone was still using one, its not supported (hardware service) by Dell.

    As noted, there are no Win 10 drivers so you are at a disadvantage there.
    But try my original suggestion, Install the Win8/8.1 driver in compatibility mode. That is the best hope you have for a driver.

    I still say mark this up as a bad purchase and get a printer that is current and has Win 10 drivers. I looked at the user specialist posted FAQ's for this printer and they are from 2009 - a 10 year old printer.
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    I gave up on it! I downloaded and installed both Windows 8 drivers again and it had zero effect (just like yesterday ... but I thought it might be worth trying again).

    Back to my original printer, an Epson SX200, which always works and doesn't give me any trouble.

    I'll be ringing the local charity shop tomorrow to see if they're willing to pick up a nice printer (and good luck to anyone who get it, maybe they'll be able to make it work).

    Thanks for your suggestions, I appreciate you taking the time to try to help out.

    - kayten
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    Too bad it didn't work out, but maybe for the better considering its age (even though it was never used).
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    If only doing black and white printing, look at the Samsung M2825DW. There is a flatbed/all-in-one version.
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