Logitech M570 Trackball Wireless Mouse Right Clicking?

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    Logitech M570 Trackball Wireless Mouse Right Clicking?

    I'm sure some of you have used this mouse before. Its great because trackball means you don't have to move around with your wireless mouse. Recently, i notice it kept right clicking. At first i thought this was my laptop issue, but then when i turned off the power button to my trackball mouse, this issue stops.

    Basically it keeps on right clicking. When i left click it, then the right click either goes away for a bit... or comes right back. Also i notice many times i can't even click on programs or anything at all. Does this mean my logitech trackball mouse is no good? I know mouse eventually go bad as i usually get a new one every 1 or 1.5 years etc. I do this with many logitech wireless mouse. But this trackball one has been so good... now it does this clicking where i cannot even use it.

    Does anyone have tips on if there is a way to fix it? Is it bad idea to have it opened? Im not sure how to do this but is that bad idea? The left clicking is fine... its just that i notice recently... it keeps right clicking... sometimes one time... but then keeps right clicking so you have to left click it to go away. But then it starts highlighting my desktop icons etc. I removed the battery and put battery back in but eventually this keeps happening. I then used my other logitech wireless mouse which works with no issue... but i don't like it as much as the trackball though.

    Any thoughts here?

    Also i use this trackball mouse a lot. Like the entire day and night. I notice batteries that i use... energizer which are very good... does even last more than a few weeks now. Is that normal? Now i do use it all day and night so that why my battery is so poor with this trackball mouse?

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    Hey all so i just connected the trackball mouse to my chromebook to test it out.

    When i connected the trackball mouse to chromebook, i notice a very similar issue. When i have a few chrome tabs opened on one chrome page, i cannot use my mouse... nor use my chromebook trackpad to click anything it. However, if i were to highlight the chrome button at the bottom in the chromebook where i have a few chrome windows opened... each with chrome tabs in it.. then i click on another chrome window and either use my mouse or chromebook trackball, i seem to be able to click on things. But i cannot click on almost anything with my right click unless i try very hard and only on certain spots. Is this a bug or something with my trackball mouse?

    Okay so imagine this. I click on a forum or site with my left click of the mouse. Now i press real hard right click to open in new window so a new chrome tab in the same chrome window. Thus imagine a few chrome tabs on a single chrome window. I cannot click on any of the other chrome tabs at the moment that is visible at the top. But not only that... when i use my chromebook trackpad and move to click on it with the trackpad, i can't click on anything. But if i wait a bit, i can click on it sometimes with my trackball mouse... and also with my chromebook trackpad.

    I mean if its a trackball issue, okay fine i cant click on it with the logitech trackball mouse. But why would i not be able to click on it with my chromebook trackpad where i move the arrow manually with the trackpad? Is this a logitech trackball issue that affects my trackpad and the current windows opened or something? I use chrome.

    Right now, i seem to be able to click on links or anything on a current chrome page. But if i were to try to manually click on another chrome tab on the same window... imagine i have a few tabs on the same chrome window... i can't seem to do this. It doesn't work with my trackpad either...

    I had this trackball mouse for over a year already. I do admit that i have this tendency to get it wet quite a bit... imagine getting a bottle of water and drinking it and then some water is on the trackball mouse but i then wipe it. But sometimes i don't do it immediately. But i had this happen quite a few times already. Could this have caused it? Again i had some water on it a few times, quite a bit actually but mouse never had any issues.

    But is there a way to fix this issue?

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    To logitech users of this mouse or any logitech mouse, when you plugged it into your laptop, did you ever had to install logitech software? I dont believe i ever had to install any logitech driver or anything to my laptop. You just plug it in... and it works. Im pretty certain of this. This is with my main xps laptop and also the chromebook that i use.

    I disconnected the trackball mouse many times then plug it back in later... same issues. Right now for example on my chromebook, im using the trackball mouse for a short time. It clicks okay the first minute or so... then its like freezes. So imagine a chrome window with like 3 chrome tabs in it. I cannot click on any of the other tabs on this chrome window. Not only that... my trackpad cannot even click it either. The only way to seem to solve this issue with being able to click on those other tabs or click anything is wait a long time... which may or may not work... or remove the usb for the trackball mouse. The moment i remove it from my chromebook, i can use the trackpad and click on things. Do you find this strange? I mean... even if my trackball has issues, shouldn't i be able to click things with my trackpad?

    The moment i unplug my trackball usb from one of my chromebook usb ports, i can click with my trackpad with no issue at all. So how in the world does the usb affect my trackpad?
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    This is my 4th m570. They will wear out, But I like it.
    First step should be cleaning it. A can of compressed air to blow out the buttons and the gaps.
    Glass cleaner wipes for cleaning the contacts.
    Pop Out the ball (under side you'll see a hole just push it out with a pencil eraser) it will
    pop back in when you finish cleaning the contacts .

    Another thing to check is your setpoint software setting for right click.
    If your still having trouble its probably time for a replacement.
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    Hi. Well the thing is i had mouse that had issues but its usually when it double clicks or cant click that well etc. But why does it seem to affect my trackpad on my laptop? That to me makes no sense.

    Can of compressed air so just blow it throughout the trackball mouse right? Do not try to open the mouse up right? I wouldn't be able to do this with the right tools even as im not good with this.

    What do you mean setpoint software for right click? When i first got it and plugged it into my computer, did it install software or not? I have used this mouse with my xps laptop mostly... and also used it with my chromebook. I do not remember if it installed drivers? I know that i did not had to download anything off logitech site though when doing this.
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    Okay haven't use the logitech m570 in a while and tried to connect it to my chromebook. Same issue. You can use it for a short while... then say you open a few chrome tabs on a chrome window. Thus imagine im on this page. Then i right click and open a few more tabs. When i bring my mouse to click on those tabs... i cannot click on it. But not only that... my touchpad does not click on it either. You cant click on it. But i could however close those other tabs i just opened. However, the moment i unplug the usb from my chromebook, immediately i can click on things using my chromebook trackpad to click on things.

    So is this a software issue or the mouse itself or both? I had other logitech mouses go bad with the clicking issue such as not being able to left or right click that well or it clicking like crazy, but my touchpad on the computer would work though.

    Why is it the moment i unconnect the usb to the trackball m570, i can click with my touchpad without any issue?
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    Your touchpad most likely is told to shut off with external point and click device connected.
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    bro67 said: View Post
    Your touchpad most likely is told to shut off with external point and click device connected.
    Im confused by this. Because when i use my mouse normally and then sometimes use the touchpad... the touchpad always worked...

    So im wondering why this happens.
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    paulyjustin said: View Post
    Im confused by this. Because when i use my mouse normally and then sometimes use the touchpad... the touchpad always worked...

    So im wondering why this happens.
    It is the nature of using an external point and click device with a built in. Driver/IRQ conflict causes the internal built-in Point and Click to not be allowed to be used.
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    So what is my solution to this? Is there a way i can try to fix this trackball mouse? I dont have any tools to open it up.
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