I have a new Chillblast PC - about a month old. Checks show no specific problems, bu in the last week or so the keyboard is erratic in its response. Perform /report shows all OK apart for a Bluetooth problem. Sometimes it works without problems; other times it freezes for a couple of seconds and then catches up with my typing. Mouse similarly is erratic - sometimes movement is jerky.
Both K'bd and mouse are a few years old and are wireless (MS Comfort 5000). However trying with the dongle in different USB ports makes no difference. I have uninstalled, downloaded latest and re-installed drivers and software for them. No help. Perform run again showed Bluetooth issue but I have also tried an old wired KB'd and that too exhibited the problem.

I suspect the problem is probably a software one but it would be useful before tackling Chillblast to know if there is a hardware issue.

Any recommendations for an app that can carry out relevant hardware checks? I know there are several around. Any other suggestions re possible causes welcome!