Nonresponsive keys

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    Nonresponsive keys

    The last few days my keyboard keys are not responding to every tap. Like right now every few letters or so require I press key down several times. It is maddening. I looked up keyboard settings and all options are off: sticky keys, toggle, on-screen, etc. Help please.
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    first try to boot into safe mode see if the problem persist , might be a malware / software intervention , however if the problem persisted in safe mode :

    if pc keyboard might require keys cleaning , consult youtube about cleaning your exact model .

    if laptop keyboard might require replacement , yep those eventually die , specially on gaming laptops due to constant operation in frying high heat .
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    I didn't want to believe what you had to say as computer not even 2 yrs used, but as it turns out the problem is the keyboard hardware. I contacted ASUS via support chat and they attempted some techy driver stuff (software reinstall?) to no avail. They told me to have it physically inspected. I could have mailed it to them, at what cost I don't know as it's out of warranty, but I opted to take it to a local IT repairman. I gave him the notes from ASUS chat and he mulled over all the possible software issues and came up cold. He had me order a used keyboard and shell on ebay. We'll see how that works out. I expect to have computer back next week sometime...part won't arrive until Monday. Argh. I have an older ASUS back up comuter, but it's really slow.
    Thanks for your input, rla
    p.s. I'm not a gamer so keyboard wasn't abused :)
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    if you are not a gamer then you have to figure out what caused it to fry so it doesnt happen so often , check to see if you set it to a high performance profile , those can keep the CPU running at high percent for prolonged times that can fry keys above it , if not constantly check task manager , sort things by CPU usage percent , see what keeps it at high utilization state , might be a malware / remote bit coin miner or worse , a busted antivirus , you can also try and have a vacuum fan (the ones that plug to the side) , those are known to lower temps in case you don't know what is causing the extra heat . oh and do check if the original fan is working right , sometimes those things surface when the original fan is dead where you can't really tell because they are so silent in general .
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    Hey nm....hopefully my IT guy will have considered all your points. At any rate, he's replacing the keyboard. You can see my computer description under my stats. I don't think it has a fan. I do look at the task manager process tab when the computer slows down...usually cuz Windows 10 is messing around behind the scenes...and usually just before or after an update.
    Again, thanks for taking the time to comment,
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