I am not sure if you all can help with this, but I will continue to list the ongoing problem I have been having.

HP Printer No Sleep After 5 Minutes Issue

I have an HP ENVY Photo 7800 Series Printer. This makes my 3rd HP printer that I have had to have replaced under warranty due to the printer touch screen not going to sleep after 5 minutes. I originally ordered an HP Officejet printer that had the issue, and I had to have it replaced under warranty twice, until HP finally sent me a gift card to purchase the ENVY Photo printer. The touch screen works fine out of the box. But today, we had a power outage, and it has caused the touch screen on the printer to not sleep again. I ran HP Print & Scan Doctor, and it applied some recommended updates and settings and it fixed a port match issue it said.

What is a port match issue?

Also, can someone help me identify what in the world is causing me headache for these printers not to turn off after 5 minutes?

Thanks, Jesse