scsi to usb connection no longer working error code 10

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    scsi to usb connection no longer working error code 10

    Hi all,
    I have a 2002 Korg Triton Studio keyboard that has a 20gb scsi hard drive, was instantly recognised by windows (all versions ) up until very recently via a simple scsi to usb cable.

    Now I recieve an error code 10 not recognised.

    Though getting on in years, my Trion keyboard is a valued part of my music studio set up and I am lost not being able to easily transfer files and importantly back up the hard drive!

    Clearly a recent Windows update has in some way done something to stop this interface from working
    I have tried all of the usual things, driver update....I have the most up to date driver, uninstall and reboot...installs the driver and same problem. Whats going on Microsoft?

    Is there another driver I can use or have microsoft simply stopped us users from using scsi to usb interfaces with windows?

    As you may have gathered I am NOT HAPPY!

    Over to you Guys and Girls of the forum

    Kind regards and thanks in advance for your time!
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    Welcome to TenForums.

    Do you have any details on the USB to SCSI adapter such as the manufacturer and model number?

    Also, have you looked in device manager to see if the device is showing up? If you do see it, is it indicating any sort of error with the device?

    Also, could you tell me how this keyboard was showing up to Windows when it was working? Was it showing up simply as a HD? If so, try opening Disk Management. Does the disk show up there at all, even with any error indication such as seeing the disk with RAW or unknown partition?

    If you need more details on how to find any of the above items, do let me know.
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    Hi hsehestedt!
    Thank you very much for your fast reply!

    The adapter is quite old, I guess just a generic scsi to usb adapter. but as always worked before and I have no reason to suspect that the adapter is at afault, after all it always worked, up to a few weeks ago, with no faults , with all versions of windows, up until the latest automatic update?

    Right now it shows in the device manager as code 10, As soon as I plug it in I hear the device connected sound, but I have the code 10 error windows knows it is there, but now it does not connect, not a driver problem as the driver has not changed, but something else definately has!

    Before when it showed up it was named as "triton" , totally correct!

    It does show any more, just an error code for scsi to usb intrface (code 10) in device manager......just like the interface does no longer work!

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    I'm not very knowlegable about keyboards and their usage with Windows, but I looked at the Korg web site and reviewed the owner's manual for the SCSI interface.

    I just want to be sure that nothing there has changed such as the termination or the SCSI ID.

    Something else to check: If you disconnect the USB to SCSI adapter from the keyboard, does the USB to SCSI adapter itself show up okay in Device Manager or does it still show an error code?

    If it still shows an error code on it's own then we know we need to focus on that adapter specifically and not the keyboard side.

    Try seeing if there is an updated driver available via Windows update. Locate the adapter in Device manager and search for an update as in the following illustrations.

    scsi to usb connection no longer working error code 10-image.jpg

    scsi to usb connection no longer working error code 10-image2a.jpg
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    Thanks for your reply!

    when i check for updates online, I receive the message that I have the most up to date driver installed. As I have mentioned before, I am told I have the most up to date driver! I firmly believe that some thing else has changed. The interface is the same, the driver is the same, but something else definatly has changed !

    I am not the first to have this problem, many others within the music world have recently reported to have the same problem , for those of us who enjoy the fredom of using a windows based system, maybe I am the first to vent my frustration on a windows based forum at least!

    Those that use an Apple based system have no such problem. I HATE APPLE, so I must for the moment suffer, but I firmly believe that Windows has done something that, I hope at least, that has messed up the old scsi to usb interface systems, but is something that can be corrected!?

    If a solution cannot be found, as I see it, I have only two choices, roll back the updates until it all works again and suffer the prospect of using a vunerable and unsupported version of windows, or convert my studio to Apple Mac and suffer the disgusting indignity of an expensive Apple based OS!?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Further to my last reply, and to help clarify the problem further;

    The Korg keyboard was purchased in 2002 and the scsi to usb cable purchased in 2005.
    The O/S on the keyboard is the latest and last released by Korg (oS v2.02) that was in 2007.

    The Asus ROG Strix laptop, (the one I am currently using), I bought new in 2017

    Since all of that time the scsi to usb interface has successfully worked, despite the fact that I have had a variety of computers both in Tower and laptop formats, Intel and AMD chipsets, utilising Windows XP, Vista, 7 and even the utterly disasterous 8.1 amd lastly 10 (up until a few weeks ago)

    The hardware has not changed, the drivers have not changed, something within the windows O/S HAS!
    When the usb cable was connected, the adapter cable itself was not listed, only the drive it was connected to. Within device manager neither the adapter or the disc drive was listed, just the communication protocol (USB SCSI storeage device)

    The scsi disc itself was listed in my devices and as a HD icon in the "This PC" menu. It is necessary to change the id of the Keyboard drive , from innitiator to target within the keyboard O/S before connecting to a Windows computer , but that was all.

    Hope that helps
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    I would get a new cable. It can be a broken wire or pin inside the connector. I would do a SCSI to sata adapter and change the drive out since the made up adapters are ridiculously expensive. There are Classic Computer groups like the TRS-80 groups on Facebook. Those on there may be able to help you make up the new cable or an adapter board with case.
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