Windows 10 Storage Spaces not expanding error 0000002

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    Windows 10 Storage Spaces not expanding error 0000002

    Having upgraded my gaming rig I thought i'd use the old parts to upgrade my media server.

    My Media server is just a version of windows 10 sharing files using storage spaces.

    so I started a clean version on windows 10 (pro) and installed 3 hard drives and then set up a parity drive,

    I started the process of (tidying) and transferring over the data from my old server into the new storage spaces. I got to the point where I had filled the capacity of my new storage spaces so I removed the hard drives (using the prepare for removal) in the old server and installed then in the new server and added them to the pool and waited for storages spaces to re-balance, having completed this successfully I went to start the transfer again for some more data but the storages spaces "space" hasn't increased. When I try to increase it windows eventually says that it failed to increase. the drives are not full ( 61.5% being the fullest) does anyone know how I can get the space increase again please so I can move the rest of my data

    thanks for any help in advance
    Windows 10 Storage Spaces not expanding error 0000002-storagespace.jpg
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    I can see you have at least one attached removable device , mind you you are using sas so for starters you need to make sure all drives are set as non removable mind you that bios has raid enabled and hcpi which i am sure they were since that setting was working till you added new removable devices to the equation .
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    All drives are set to non removable, the external is only there as a temporary function so I can clear space to move the drives from my old machine to the new one as I transfer the data.
    I'm not sure about the issue with SAS. ports 2 -6 on my motherboard are for raid but it is disabled in the Bios. and the disks are being used as a 'degraded raid' hence individual disks and therefore part of the storage spaces. so I'm treating them as just simple disks attached.
    Is this where I'm going wrong? is this what I should be looking into??
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    I used Windows Storage Spaces for a few years staring with Windows 8.1 to hold my media files. It doesn't seem to be very popular which makes it hard to get help.

    I found an interesting article that may be of help to you. Because your drives were used in another storage pool the pool attribute may have to be removed using Powershell in order to use it in a new pool.

    How To Reuse Old Disks in Storage Pools --
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    @Larryhinteresting catch , if it works i might just rep you :)
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    Hi Larry,

    Thanks for that but the disks are being added to the pool fine. there are no errors when adding disks, I also added a Brand new 4TB disk (not on the diagram above) as I thought that perhaps the size was being limited by the 2x 1TB hard drives in there.
    running powershell shows the drives as being healthy.
    It just something is not informing that the size is bigger, as I've got a new disk I'm slowly moving all the data off and am thinking of deleting the space and starting from scratch again.
    I Actually remember that optimization of disk on parity drives were not supported and when I was mounting my disks I noticed that optimize was ticked as default.
    "Optimize pool is supported only with Simple or Mirror Spaces; Parity Spaces are not supported in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview." (Applied to Windows 10, too)
    I'm not sure if this was ever support so I assume that this might be the cause.

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    Hi Belcraig,

    I created a Test parity storage space with 4 USB drives it has Optimize drives as a default also, that's not your problem. The article I posted doesn't seem to apply to Windows 10 Storage Spaces as I was able to remove and re-add the same drive without any problems.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Can you do the following Powershell command.

    Windows 10 Storage Spaces not expanding error 0000002-annotation-2019-05-24-154229.jpg
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    Windows 10 Storage Spaces not expanding error 0000002-powershell1.jpg

    however if I look at it in windows explorer the space is like above. 1.81TB not the 5.9 it should be showing
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    The status of the Storage Pool looks healthy and correct in Powershell but not in Explorer or the Windows Spaces window. I think you may have some corrupt system files. I suggest you follow Shawn Brink's tutorial for Repairing System Files with the SFC Command, use option 3 which is recommended.

    Run SFC Command in Windows 10

    If you don't already have a disk monitoring tool like Crystal Disk Info installing one would be a good idea with a Storage Pool.
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    Thanks Larry,

    Hadn't thought of running SFC. But as I was in the process of transferring data I just transferred it all back deleted the pool and started again, this time setting the size at 40TB for the outset so hopefully it will be a while before I get to having an issue again.

    Luckily it was only 1.8TB of data so it wasn't that long to wait.
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