Issues with add in drives being seen, MB Aorus X299 Gaming 3 Pro!

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Not sure how to process this. Not sure what Raid has to do with not seeing drives. On my Win 7 with Raid as I plug in new devices they are acknowledge just not part of an array.

    Since you aren't using RAID it should likely be in AHCI but if you switch I'm Not Sure it will boot. You may need to reload Windows.

    Looks like you have a 3TB drive that holds graphics and System Stuff. Then a 2TB you are booting from and 13 GB W: drive. Not sure what this is, do you have USB Thumbdrive plugged in?

    Edited... I was reading wrong info on SSD.
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    When you bought this device was it not specific on invoice what size this M.2 was? Did the bill mention Intel Optane drive instead?

    I guess the M.2 could be used as a cache but then it should likely be set RST Premium with Optane System Acceleration.
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    Not sure myself. I just wanted a Graphics computer to run 3D graphics programs to create stuff for my business but I got this mess instead. I don't even remember asking for the M.2 bit. So not sure why that's there. I'll go look at the receipt and see if it's even listed...
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    YUP, it's there:

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    Progress. One step forward.

    So if you want to use this then you can ask Marco, or maybe another member will join, how it should be set in BIOS, RST Premium or RST Premium with Optane System Acceleration.

    You would then have to read through through how to enable, I was briefly reading about software and config.

    While the above is interesting it doesn't answer in my mind why the SATA ports

    While you are checking out the setting in Post 7 you could also look at this setting on page 69

    Click image for larger version. 

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    While you call it a mess it looks like a very nice machine. Just got get a handle on the controls. I'm out for the night, please post what those settings are set to in BIOS.

    Your system is likely very fast so if you don't use Optane likely not a huge issue. I'll bet at some point you could get a nice sized m.2 and just boot and work on it.

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    Thanks so much for your help Ken.

    Nighty night
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    I made an image backup of the C drive so that seems to be something that Marco agrees with. This guy I hired to come out this evening is late.. I'm hoping it's just traffic. According to all the other notes looks like it's def a BIOS setting. Marco directed me to this page: How do I disable Intel Optane but there is NO Intel Rapid Storage Technology app on board the computer so yea, looks like I'll have to disable stuff from the BIOS. There is a warning on that page that states clearly:

    "Warning: Do not disable Optane memory in BIOS unless you have first disabled the feature in the Intel RST application in Windows, else your drive and data will be inaccessible."

    So if there is no app then would it still be safe to push through or is there something else I can check?
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    You could install the Intel RST driver / app and then disable it.

    I'm not sure how far along you are from when you clean installed, that is did you just do this and basically have little in the way of programs and other customizations installed? If so then doing another clean install shouldn't be a concern.

    The driver software is on motherboard site.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Just install IRST for now.

    Just as a confirmation if you click start, then type Intel you don't see Intel Rapid Storage in list? If not if you enter device manager, expand IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers what driver are you using for the adapter listed ?

    You should still be able to use Optane and have your SATA ports.

    Maybe this is because your BIOS is not set to use Optane and you haven't installed Intel software.

    Would be interested in what the "Guy" found.
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    Thanks so much. Too late. The tech showed up and as it turns out the reason I couldn't see any other drives that I was hooking up is that everything had to connected sequentially! Seems sort of old school to me (and him) but after all that he got it sorted. He plugged in the SATA cables and set it up as I told him I only needed 4 ports for my needs, so he disabled the other 4.

    The next step, as directed by him, was to get a M.2 SSD that actually can hold the OS! He told me that's why folks are using those, the boot time when using one of those is almost instantaneous. So I found ONE on Amazon that I liked but as it turns out the Samsung model is NOT compatible with my AORUS X299 Mb so I wrote to Marcos at CyberPower PC and asked him if he would tell me which ones DO work with this motherboard as I want a 1 terabyte one so I can put my OS and my programs on that one (similar as to have my SSD on my current computer set up)

    As for the OS, yea, it's unaccessible. It starts too boot but then comes up with a light blue screen saying that the drive is unaccessible. I THINK what he may have done is re hook up the drives so that the C drive is actually in the 0 slot. The dolt that put the computer together initially put the SSD drive as the second drive so Windows was showing up below the regular HD backup drive in the Disk Management window. So I THINK the OS is fine but I can't get to it as I'm limited in my knowledge about how to go about that.

    Also something weird happened. When I started up the computer after he left the boot up screen was all RED with little horizontal lines, it cleared up when it got to the main boot screen but what could be causing that? After that I just turned off the computer as I want to figure out the M.2 thing before going any further. I'm hoping the red screen with lines clears up. I checked the HDMI port for the monitor but it's securely in there. Strange!
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