I have a cable going to a small speaker next to my laptop. There has been a static noise coming from it lately. I have been observing when it happens and it's mostly when there is any audio playing. It could be from a YouTube video, Spotify, iTunes, etc. When the audio stops, so does the static after about 10-15 seconds of silence. It's not the speaker because I checked with headphones as well. Although the static is faint with the headphones, it's still there. It can't be the cable from the laptop to the speaker because, as I said, I verified with the headphones. I came across a post on another forum that suggested to uninstall the Realtek drivers > restart the computer so the native drivers would be the default. Other people had success which meant that Realtek was the problem but I did not have any success with it. Somebody also mentioned unplugging the power cable to see if there was an improvement but there was no difference. I even tried moving the plug on the side of the laptop (not vigorously of course) to see if it was the connection but there were no dropouts or changes. So I'm not sure if it's hardware because of that last troubleshooting method and because it seems to only happen when audio is playing. I can't recall if it was happening before I upgraded to Windows 10. All drivers (and Windows 10 software) are up to date.

Any other troubleshooting methods or advice for this particular issue? Thanks.