I have a desktop PC with a Gigabyte X58 motherboard and Realtek audio and ethernet apps. The first thing that happened is the Realtek HD audio manager box kept coming up and I could not stop it. I deleted the audio app and it stop popping up, until I did a restart. Then it started popping up again. I went to Realtek's website on another computer and downloaded new drivers that included windows 10. That corrected the problem only if I shut down the computer - a restart will bring the problem back. The big issue is that the ethernet connection is not recognized. And Realtek does not have a windows 10 driver upgrade. I tried the windows 8 and the windows 7 drivers. They didn't work. Wouldn't you think windows 10 would have generic drivers that could use and just delete Realtek's. The ethernet port is pretty basic. This has been my worst experience with a windows upgrade.

Any ideas? Microsoft doesn't seem to have any.