How Can I Format an SD Card with FAT16 using Win10?

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    How Can I Format an SD Card with FAT16 using Win10?

    I need to format a 2G SD card in FAT16.

    Can I do that?

    It is a card for an old Canon A520 which only takes 2G cards and the only cards I can find don't work with it: gives 'memory card error'.

    These are not HD cards so they should work. I suspect the problem is they are formatted FAT32.

    Found suggestions I use that free 'partition wizard' software so I went for it but my Avira refused to accept it. Found something bad in it.

    p.s. I just tried the partition manager and formatted the card as 'FAT' in there. Using the default block size.

    Hoping that might do it. But it didn't. I still get 'memory card error' on the camera.

    But I did see in partition manager that there's a 12G unused partition on the card !

    Looks to me like the vendor is selling 16G cards somehow fixed up so's they appear as 2G cards - perhaps they're faulty 16G cards? And perhaps this is the cause of the camera error.

    Anyway, if I can know for certain I've formatted FAT16 that'll eliminate that aspect. Did I already do it or there's a way?

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    you have to use Diskpart to do this. go here to see how it is done:

    Formatting large USB memory sticks using FAT16 VM Spot

    If you have never used diskpart before...please be careful. Hope this helps.
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    Can you post a scren shot from disk manager showing the drive details so we can see. For cameras always format the card in the camera
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    I can't format in the camera. It says 'memory card error' and won't do it.

    Here's the thing. Drive J. Drive K is the extra partition I found. I formatted it. Tested it, see if it works. It does.


    p.s. I mean works on the computer, the 'extra' drive. Doesn't work in the camera of course. I didn't mean that.

    How Can I Format an SD Card with FAT16 using Win10?-screenshot-94-.png
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    Are drive J and drive K the same SD card? If so, then I would venture that is why your camera will not format the card. The camera will only take a 2GB card and nothing larger. Then you will have to hunt for a 2gb card somewhere and then let the camera format it.
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    A long shot but delete the k parition there is nothing on it so nothing to loose it may then just see a 2 gig card
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    The camera will accept only a standard SD card. It will not accept an SDHC card - period, no matter how you format it. The maximum capacity of an SD card is 2GB - period. Your card is a 16GB card, therefore it is an SDHC card - period, no matter how you format it. It will not work in your A520 camera.

    You need a standard SD card such as this:
    2GB SD Card Standard 2GB Secure Digital SD Memory Card Wholesale for camera NEW | eBay

    US Seller:
    Sony 2GB Class 4 - SD Memory Card - SF-2N1 27242786042 | eBay
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    14.84 GB is a 16 GB card and won't work is a standard digital camera. 2GB is the biggest you can use.
    I've had the V7 card below in a 14 year old Kodak Z700 about 5 years and it works quite well.
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    I know all that, guys. So why did I ever post this? Well because it is supposed to be a 2G card. I only found the second partition during the course of this thread.

    I hoped perhaps somehow that second partition could be made impotent, ineffective in screwing up the camera.

    No such luck.

    Thanks for the link for the 2G on ebay. I'll get a couple. I already today got a couple of 2G from ebay but they won't arrive until maybe December they say. This link might have quicker delivery, that'd be good.

    I bought two of those bodgie cards, in good faith, from eBay. Can't swear today that they said they'd work in a camera but I assumed they would.

    Now it turns out they're 16G. So okay. I'll just try use them as 16G cards.

    Here's a pic of it:

    How Can I Format an SD Card with FAT16 using Win10?-img_20181026_171007.jpg
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    try a different brand 2Gb SD Card from Sandisk, instead of Samsung

    Here are some Sandisk 2GB SD Cards from Amazon (link 1) (link 2)
    I recently ordered one from Amazon a week ago (instead of ebay) and it arrive earlier this week & worked well.

    Why wait until December when you can order some from Amazon now and get it sooner?
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