Help with active primary drives.

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    Respectfully, you are confusing a lot of terms here. First, we should probably leave GPT drives out of this particular thread as the OP does not have any GPT drives.

    Second, you are confusing the terms MSR (Microsoft System Reserved) partitions with System Reserved partitions. MSRs (Microsoft System Reserved) partitions are applicable only on GPT partitioned drives, which we should probably not talk about in this thread because the OP has no GPT partitioned drives. MSRs on GPT drives will never contain boot files. The System Reserved partitions the OP has on his disks are supposed to be "reserved" for boot files...but you can actually put other files in them. The designation as System Reserved just gives those partitions some extra protection against being accidentally deleted.

    Typically booted from refers to the partition that BIOS or UEFI firmware reads the boot files from. On a legacy BIOS computer, such as the OP has, that partition will have "system" included in parenthesis in Disk Management (@Bree's post #7 above). In order for a legacy BIOS computer to boot from a partition it must be marked as active and contain valid boot files.

    The partition a computer is booted into generally refers to the partition containing the operating system that the boot files obtained from the system partition pointed to. On a legacy BIOS computer, that partition will have the word "boot" inside the parenthesis in disk management. It is very possible that the partition a legacy BIOS computer boots from and into are the same partition - a partition marked as active that contains valid boot files and also contains the operating system files. In that case both words "system" and "boot" will appear inside the parenthesis in disk management). Or they can be two separate partitions (such as the OP has), and in general the partition the computer boots from will be a System Reserved partition if it is separate from the partition containing the operating system.

    In it's current state presented in the OP the user should not delete Disk 1 Partition 1 because it is marked as "(System.....)" in disk management. If the user does, and there is no other active partition in the system that contains valid boot files, the computer will fail to boot. The user should make sure that another partition is marked as active in the system, contains valid boot files, and actually boots the computer from the other partition, then they can delete Disk 1 Partition 1 because it will no longer be marked as "(System.....)" in disk management. Notice I am referring to inside the parenthesis in disk management - not the partition label of "System Reserved".

    I have no idea how G got marked as Active. "Active" is just a flag on a partition that can be turned on or off. A physical drive can have only 1 active partition, and a GPT partitioned drive can't have any partitions marked as active.

    The OPs disk management does not show any MSRs. MSRs (Microsoft System Reserved) partitions will only appear on GPT partitioned drives and the OP only has MBR partitioned drives.

    I don't think you can display the amount of free space in a partition in diskpart....I'll have to research that more.
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    I don't think you can display the amount of free space in a partition in diskpart....I'll have to research that more.
    I don't think you can, not for a partition. You can for a volume though. Select the volume then use the command DETAIL VOLUME
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