I just got my hands onto a new samsung 500gb ssd 850 evo.
Thought I would do the smart route this time, and partition the drive... 100gb for windows (when created, it also created a recovery and a MSR (from memory LOL) no clue why.)
Anyways, no dramas there. installed windows 10 (first time, im used to 7 heaven LOL... not liking 10 all that much yet- I not got touch screen LOL)... I had a look at my drives and the left over was not there... pressed windows button+x and clicked on drive management, and yeah, was there, just black and unallocated space... well I just right clicked and then clicked "new simple volume" and then gave it a drive letter... and bobs your uncle... all good :)

Though, like ignatzatsonic said, MBR don't recognize over 2tb or something.