USB-C woes

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    Personally I would connect one hard drive per Port, and use the Hub for your peripherals. One using a Type-C Port and adapter, and the other to a regular SS Port. I assume you only have three ports including the Type-C. I will look at the pc's specs. If you have the link always post it.
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    Clintlgm, thanks for the replies. I absolutely agree, and if this #$%^&* laptop HAD an eSATA port I'd be using it. I've got one on the real computer at home, and an external carrier, but no way to use it on this laptop (the previous laptop HAD an eSATA port). Which means trying to use what it does have to make managing images on the road as painless as possible.

    As far as speed, I don't have an external case for an NVME SSD, but I DO have a couple EVO 840 SSDs in USB-powered carriers that I'd like to connect as needed along with the other drives. So, it's not the individual drive speed limit I'm concerned about, it's what happens when I have 2 or more plugged in. Currently, plugging them into USB3 ports on the laptop, not the hub, it gets ugly pretty quickly. And since none of the drives work on the unpowered hub I currently have, I'm trying to find a hub with the ports I need, that IS powered and will enable me to plug peripherals in that require power.

    The link you (I believe I'm using the right one) provided, takes me to this:
    USB C Hub, Heron Cable USB-C 3.1 (Thunderbolt 3) Multiport Aluminum Adapter with Type C 60W Power Delivery, HDMI 4K@30Hz, 2x USB 3.0, Card Reader for MacBook Pro and more Windows USB C Devices (Black)

    As with almost all (at least all the ones I've looked at so far) I can find anywhere in the title or detail information that says I can plug in a power adapter to power the hub? And what that power adapter needs to be (USB? 12V?). And what cable I need to connect it. I don't see anything that looks obviously like a microUSB power port. Unfortunately, that particular hub has a bunch of stuff I don't need (hdmi, card readers) and not enough of what I do (USB3 ports)...

    I've got a similar problem with the Thunderbolt drives. If I CAN find a carrier to put a full-sized HDD in, I still have to plug the drive into a USB-C socket on the USB-C hub because there's only 1 USB-C port on the laptop.

    If I can find a (minimum) 4-port USB-C hub that clearly tells me what I need to do to make it a powered hub (power adapter, cable, etc), I'll just get that and plug all the SSDs and HDDs into the USB3 ports on the hub. I presume if I mix the power-hungry devices between USB3 ports on the laptop and ports on the USB-C I should be able to minimize the bottlenecks and lockups.

    Now I just need to find a USB-C hub that has clear, idiot-proof information on how to make it a powered hub.
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    Hi there

    until there are HDD's out there that can really out do SSD's in speed there's no advantage in USB-C for HDD data transfer - those small USB3 self powered 4TB external drives are great for loads of things but not really mega fast for data transfer.

    personally for things like backups etc I find using a 500GB or 1 TB SSD as an external device connected to the computer via a SATA-->USB3 connector faster than any external spinner even when connected via e-sata.

    With a lot of modern hardware you really have to know what you want to do with it. Personally the only reason I like USB-C is that you can't put the plug in the wrong way round which saves a lot of fiddling when the USB ports are in awkward places.

    Think of it like this -- a full bathtub can only empty at the fastest rate the outlet can handle -- HDD's are by nature compared to the rest of the system slow devices -- there isn't any gain in using USB-C to improve throughput.

    Even if the HDD could transfer data at USB-C speeds (which is highly unlikely) it's very probable that the actual data bus on the motherboard whether laptop or "classical" computer couldn't handle the speed anyway.

    Current e-sata can theoretically deliver 6Gb/s according to the specs but I have yet to see any consumer grade HDD that can deliver anything like that throughput in real applications. (Some very expensive fibre optic / SAS channel type drives used in commercial servers for mission critical applications can - but that's another order of magnitude in expense and grossly over the top for any sort of home computing).

    Incidentally the fastest way of using say 3 external HDD's is to set them up as a RAID 0 array (or in Windows set them up as a storage space). Note though if 1 HDD becomes defective you lose the lot so you will need backup -- but HDD's these days are pretty reliable so provided you have some backup you'll get max throughput using HDD's this way -- and of course your directory / folder sizes aren't limited to size of 1 HDD -- good way for very large music / video storage.

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    how about forgetting your USB C port altogether, since we have determined that USB 3.0 hub is going to give you as much speed as you can get anyway. I personally use a 4 Port powered by Anker these are no longer available but I found the Saberent 7 port that supplies 4 amp of power and has switches so that you can shut off any ports you are not using. This should be good for any ext USB powered hard drives and 3.5" hard drives ext-all have to be self-powered anyway. Personally, I've had great luck with WD Passports 4 TB is the largest I use I have had no issues using 2 of these on the same hub transferring from notebook to hard drive or ext hard drive to ext hard drive.

    The issue with notebooks and USB 3.0 port is that the motherboards have a problem supplying the 500amps required for each port. With our Asus Notebooks, we have found that its impossible to run Ext hard drives reliable on our left side ports they will drop out on you. Individual notebooks will work for some people but basically, the issue is that these left side ports are on a daughter board separate from the Motherboard and for some reason they just can't get enough power to them. Our right side ports have no issues, for the most part, this has been true for several generations of Asus Gaming notebooks. We just work around this by using the right-hand port. In fact, the front right port on our notebooks supplies up to 1 Amp since its intended use is to charge your smartphone or tablet. So I just have a Right angle USB 3.0 adapter cable hooked up to my 4 port hub. the same side has my LAN also a right hand cable and my PQI fingerprint reader and power supply I'm left handed but I use a Bluetooth mouse on the right-hand sideClick image for larger version. 

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    OK. Thanks for all the replies. I think this has run it's course on any useful information, so...
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