I have a Toshiba s50 , i7 laptop and the touchpad/smartpad has stopped working.

This has been an intermittent ongoing issue for months and months.

I have tried the following

- uninstalling and reinstalling drivers
- ensuring the touchpad is enabled via control panel and settings
- ensuring the touchpad is active is windows 10 settings

a few months ago I could install an older version of the driver and it would work, but after a while it would stop working.

last week i decided to look in the control panel settings and saw the touchpad had been disabled so I enabled it. hey presto it started working perfectly again.

2 days ago I went into the mouse settings to increase the size of the mouse pointer and once i applied this, the touchpad stopped working again and I havent managed to get it to work since.

I have exhausted many avenues and considering rebuilding it but that seems a bit drastic. Ive read that the issue could be windows 10 rather than the drivers.

please please please help