Originally Windows 7 Home Premium 2 hard drives on a desktop PC
Upgraded it on desktop PC using ISO copy of Win 10 on a DVD downloaded from MS site
It took 3 hours to upgrade
Faults found
The second hard drive did not show when clicking my computer, went to device manager looked at the hard drives entry and only the one with Win 10 was shown.. Device manager not showing 2nd hard drive,
Scanned for new hardware and after 10 minutes it found the drive, PC went to sleep and had to restart
Rebooted PC went to device manager, second drive not showing, rescanned for new hardware and it found the drive again . I exited and clicked My computer but 2nd drive still not showing, Tried a 3rd time in device manager and this time it managed to retain the info and showing the drive in windows explorer and I could browse the drive.
I wanted to save a system image so went to control panel file history. The window shown was that usually shown for windows 7 clicking on create system image then new window opened showing the Windows 8 format. Scanned for the hard drive to put system image on and it found the second hard drive as expected. Started to take system image progressing OK then it failed with message drive not loaded. Checking with device manager and 2nd drive not there again. Note I had created a system image from Win 7 without a problem onto the 2nd drive