Hey TenForums,

I've recently decided to add a better bluetooth module to my desktop, than a 2$ dongle, so I decided that the cheapest alternative was to get a PCIe to mPCI adapter card and slot in a wireless card from an old laptop.
This seemed to work beautifully, as it immediately found the card and got WiFi up and running.
The problem though, is that it absolutely refuses to install drivers for the bluetooth portion of the card and won't even show a bluetooth module in device manager.

Generic windows drivers, Dell, HP, Acer, dubious website ini's - I've tried them all.
The best "clue" I've got for now, is that all the cards are listed in the driver ini's as USB VenID and DevID, while it's PCI VenID and DevID in my device manager - I've got a feeling that that might be what's screwing with the installation. My brightest idea at the moment would be to modify the installation files, so they correctly identify the hardware, but I'm way out of my depth.

I've been messing around with the drivers for about a day now and it's getting quite frustrating, so I thought I'd turn to you for help - any ideas?