So out of the blue last night my PC is acting as if the up arrow key is being spammed, so in windows 10 applications, such as right clicking on a program on the taskbar, opening the start menu, windows settings, it will continually scroll up. Here is an example of what I mean: Desktop 2018.06.17 - - Streamable

I have tried to uninstall my keyboard and mouse drivers, rebooting and pluging them back in, as well as uninstalling them and using multiple different keyboards. The part I can't figure out is this happens only in windows applications, chrome, discord, etc. all function normally. When I run diagnostic on my keyboard it says "USB Composite device is an older USB device and might not work with USB 3.0, Plug the device into an availiable USB 2.0 port, and click Next. Otherwise, click cancel." But I tried that and nothing changed. I have not recently installed any programs, I've done virus scans, and did not have any windows updates the day this started. One moment it was fine, the next this started. Anyone have any suggestions?