I had a disc that used to keep freezing and have its activity frozen at %100 and not responding while opening some files on it and I decided to run a chkdsk /f on it. Sadly after that I havent been able to even boot to my windows 10 before having its sata disabled from bios (Even though it is not a boot disk) Now im trying to re-access the disk or even back it up and so far I have been unable to do so.
I've tried "Acronis True Image 2018" bootable and was able to access the disk but acronis wont show my external hard drive there fore I cant back it up yet! (Any way to make it show external hard drives?)
I have accessed a CMD from my windows 10 USB bootable thumb and I did notice that the disk is now displaying as dynamic.
And I guess to not make this any longer, How can I basically be able to boot to windows 10 with having my disk drive sata enabled and access it again?