My AverMedia Hybrid TV-Tuner USB is not working in 1803. I have tried everything, from Re-Install Drivers, Troubleshoting, Compatibilty settings and nothing helps.
I think it is USB related because the App launches normally but when it comes to the point where the "Power-On" LEd should light it just closes.
Also, there is a "new" warning message in W10 , at least I have never seen such before and I am quite perplex about it: This is USB 2.0 Device and may not work when connected to USB 3.0 (something like that). Further it suggests to connect to USB 2.0 Port, but my Laptop has only USB 3.0 Ports.
What should that be now.

Also, I am using a SD-Card attach to the internal SD-Card Reader, and it stays all the time connected.
When I install 1803 , and when I run Error Fixing utility it finds errors and correct it.
Files are also getting corrupted, I did download a Windows Update Standalone Installer and it was corrupted.